Troop of the Week #184

Another fantastic week has gone by in the Rebel Penguin Federation! With fun events, new faces, and hype building up to our branch battle against the Silver Empire, everyone’s been putting forth their best work for the rebellion. However, it now comes time to announce our latest Troop of the Week, one special rebel whose efforts stood out among the rest…

Bubbles first joined the rebellion in April of 2020, but her real career with the Rebel Penguin Federation began in late January of this year. At the rank of Sergeant, she has made an undeniable impact during her time here. She’s put forth notable effort to hype and attend every event she can. On top of that, Bubbles is significantly present in chat, always around to talk to friends both new and old. Taking these characteristics into account, Bubbles is undoubtedly worthy of being this week’s Troop of the Week!

Be sure to congratulate Bubbles when you see her in chat!


on a scale of one to pog, this is pretty champ

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