Troop of the Week #195

It has been another fun-filled week here at the Rebel Penguin Federation. With the new Mountain Expedition Party, many troops have been working hard, recruiting, attending events, and helping out, with new faces joining the server each day. But, this week, one troop stood out the most. So without further ado, this week’s Troop of the Week is…

Xuebai joined us in November last year and has been an incredible member of the RPF since joining. Currently at the rank of Officer Cadet, she is constantly recruiting, attending events, and being fun and helpful in chat! She is without a doubt an amazing and hardworking troop! With all of this in mind, we’ve decided that Xue is a perfect fit for the prestigious title of Troop of the Week!

Be sure to congratulate Xue when you see her in chat!


there comes a day when you are going to look around and realize happiness is where you are.

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