Troop of the Week #213

It’s been a busy week in the Rebel Penguin federation packed with fun and  events, with an invasion later today! Among the excitement between the Music Jam party and The Fair on CPRewritten, many troops are coming out to events, putting in effort recruiting, and supporting RPF. This week, HCOM found that one person stood out while fighting the good fight, and deserve the prestigious title of Troop of the Week…..

NoScope555 is currently at the rank of Captain, and joined RPF more than two years ago, in March of 2019. They have recently shown good rebel spirit in fighting the good fight, attending many events this week and even recruiting. They have set a good example for all other rebels to follow, so it was no doubt that they deserve to be this week’s Troop of the Week!

Make sure you congratulate NoScope555 when you see them in chat!

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