Troop of the Week #228

Throughout this week, the rebels continued to show off that holiday spirit with some fun events. With two different game tournaments and many holiday-themed costume events, we had tons of fun and even got ready for the New Year by celebrating with our brother allies, the Ice Warriors! As the Rebel Cash for Change campaign comes to an end, many rebels also showed their support by providing some kind donations! While several people stood out, HCOM deemed one particular troop whose efforts have deemed them fit for the prestigious title of Troop of the Week…

Dill recently rejoined the Federation after being away for a while, and is currently at the rank of Lieutenant. Despite their long period of inactivity, they had always been a hard-working troop and a friendly face to have around. Since rejoining, Dill has made a great impact by consistently attending and hyping up events, having a nice presence in main chat, and a predisposition to help out their fellow rebels. Due to this, it wasn’t difficult to make Dill this week’s Troop of the Week!

Be sure to congratulate Dill when you see them in chat!


War, war never changes.

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