Troop of the Week #243

Troop of the Week #243

As our beloved Club Penguin Rewritten shut down this week, the Rebels still had lots of fun by hosting other events such as Skribbl, Movie Night, and virtual Card Jitsu! Throughout all the madness it is finally Friday and you know what that means… time to announce this week’s Troop of the Week! During this crazy week where CPR shut down and we hit 13k members in our community, one troop stood out amongst the most and we decided to make them Troop of the Week #243. Keep on reading this post to find out who earned the prestigious title…

I see you decided to read on! Well, this week’s Troop of the Week is no one other than pogzol! Currently sitting at the rank of Corporal, they joined us on April 9th and has been an amazing troop since joining us only 6 days ago! They have been an amazing presence in main chat and are friendly to their fellow troops that it was an amazing choice to choose pogzol as this week’s Troop of the Week!

Make sure you congratulate pogzol when you see them in chat!

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