As our first battle in the March Madness tournament approaches, read about what we’ve been doing to prepare!

—◊ Weekly Maxes and Averages ◊—

—◊ Maxes ◊—

AUSIA: 40 (10⇑)
EU: 68 (18⇑)
US: 53 (2⇑)

—◊ Averages ◊—

AUSIA: 32 (3⇑)
EU: 47 (3⇑)
US: 45 (1⇓)
Total: 41 (2⇑)

—◊ Weekly News ◊—

Our first battle in the March Madness begins this weekend, against the Red Ravagers! Rebels have been training all week to prepare for the upcoming battles, so make sure you come out and support RPF to claim yet another tournament win! Check out the #battle-information channel in the Discord server for more information!

Troop of the Week this week is Max! He’s been a friendly face in chat, and has been recruiting and attending events, making him the perfect TOTW! Make sure you congratulate him if you haven’t already!

—◊ By the Numbers ◊—

How many rebels got promoted this week?

With a total of 18 new promotions, there were…

1 Officer Cadet
1 Colonel
1 Major

4 Scout Medics
1 Specialist

2 Corporal
7 Private First Classes

How many times were the new :stonks: and :notStonks: used?

The :stonks: emote was sent 55 times, while :notStonks: was sent only 38. Looks like RPF stonks are going up!

How many people joined RPF?

With the first round of the March Madness tournament coming up, we’re hard at work recruiting so we can hit big numbers! In the past week, 316 people joined the RPF discord server! 

—◊ Challenge of the Week ◊—

This week Avril has created an EPF Tic Tac Toe code for you to decode!

DM sharkboi#3009 on Discord the answer to the decoded question for a prize of 1000 Rebel Cash!

—◊ Division Recap ◊—

—◊ Sunday ◊—


Max: 41
Avg: 40

Today we had a spectacular EU/US branch battle called Operation: Epic Highs and Lows where Navy wore the Scuba Gear, while Air Force wore the Pilot Jacket. We all logged on to server Zipline on CPRewritten, and we battled all over the island. Fantastic job to both branches today! Check the post to see who came out on top this week.

Click here for the full report!

—◊ Tuesday ◊—


Max: 36
Avg: 34

On this chilly Tuesday morning, we bundled up in the snowy parkas and logged onto Zipline – CPRewritten for Operation: Let It Snow. With our frosty tactics and cool formations we warmed up the island, great job everyone!

Click here for the full report!


Max: 53
Avg: 52

Ending the day on a high note, we logged onto Zipline – CPRewritten for Operation: Flex. We did original tactics and forms wearing items with special dances; from clowns to swimming ducks, we saw it all today! Keep up the good work rebels!

Click here for the full report!

—◊ Wednesday ◊—


Max: 68
Avg: 57

Today’s event was strong in attendance and tactics as we trained for the upcoming March Madness tournament. So, the rebels held Operation: Follow the Leader on Zipline – CPRewritten. It was an action filled VC led event to get our formations in tip-top shape. Superior job today everyone!  

Click here for the full report!

—◊ Thursday ◊—


Max: 40
Avg: 37

This AUSIA event was a force to be reckoned with! We logged onto Zipline – CPR for Operation: Mining Away! Rebels attended wearing hard hats to mine all around the island and performed some stellar tactics. Ausia rising! 

Click here for the full report!


Max: 46

We ended our Thursday events with a troop-favorite Hide & Seek event on Ascent – CPR! Troops had some clever hiding spots today and almost held onto a win, but congrats to HCOM for finding all of the hidden rebels! 

Click here for the full report!

—◊ Friday ◊—


Max: 39
Avg: 37

At Friday’s US event, we logged on to Crystal on CPRewritten for some training to get us ready for the first round of the March Madness tournament two days later, where we’ll be facing off against the Red Ravagers!

Click here for the full report!

—◊ Saturday ◊—


Max: 26

Hey Rebels! For today’s AUSIA event, we logged onto Abominable – CPR for a very fun Ice Fishing Competition! We were wearing our uniforms and did some fishtastic tactics before doing the competition for Operation: Off The Hook, and had a fabulous time! Amazing job to everyone who participated! To check out who won, see the post below!

Click here for the full report!


Max: 47
Avg: 44

At today’s EU/US event, we logged onto Ascent – CPR for a training event for the upcoming tournament! In Operation: Supersonic, we wore our uniforms and did speedy tactics and neat forms to prepare for the first battle of the March Madness Tournament! Awesome job to everyone who participated and good luck tomorrow! Make sure to check out #battle-information for the battle info!

Click here for the full report!

-Tuxedo Times Team: Avril, Princhi, MissyZ, Sarah, Woogs, z3ming, Sharki, Milly, and Shark


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