Below are all of the upcoming events on CPR!

Water Party

Time to make a splash! After such a hot summer, the Water Party will be flowing to the island next week on August 20th! Get your rubber ducks ready to get drenched with H2O in the Water Party themed rooms!

Igloo Catalogs

Tomorrow, August 13th, the new August Better Igloos catalog will be making its way to your home! Time to spruce up your igloo with some new looks! I hope there’s some waterproof furniture in there for next week’s party…

Stage Play

Also starting next week on August 20th is the new Stage Play! It’s out with the old and in with the new as we say goodbye to The Twelth Fish and hello to the new debut. In addition, with a new play comes new fun costumes! Maybe it will be some type of under the sea journey to fit in with the incoming Water Party?

Penguin Mail

New postcards to send to your penguin pals will be out tomorrow, August 13th! Make sure to keep an eye out for some new Penguin Mail additions!

Catalog Guides

Check out August’s Penguin Style catalog guide here!

Check out July’s Better Igloos catalog guide here!

Collectible Pins

Find the current pins here!

Thanks for reading!

~Raneaosama, Lieutenant General

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