UPCOMING NEWS – 22/10/20

Below are all of the upcoming events on CPR!

Halloween Party

Boo! Did I scare you? Anyways, with several days left of October, the Halloween Party is approaching rapidly! Start getting your costumes planned out and be ready for some chills and thrills, because it will be released the last week of October. Don’t forget to be on the lookout for hidden candy as well as the trick or treat igloos!

Anniversary Party

For one day only, the Anniversary Party will be released on October 24th! There will be celebrations all over the island, as well as the classic cake. And along with an exclusive new hat, Sensei and Aunt Arctic will be visiting the island. Don’t miss out!

Halloween Igloo Contest Results

As quick as it started, the CPR Igloo Contest is now over! The 40 winners will be announced October 29th. You could be a lucky winner of over 25,000 coins, and even have your igloo featured in the newspaper! Keep an eye out for the official results soon.

And speaking of igloo contests, we currently have one going on! Check out all of the information here.

Catalog Guides

Check out October’s Penguin Style catalog guide here!

Check out October’s Better Igloos catalog guide here!

Collectible Pins

Find the current pins here!

Thanks for reading!

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