Below are all the upcoming events on CPR!

Instrument Hunt

Looks like the famous Penguin Band is visiting the island for Music Jam! But, there’s just one problem, their instruments have gone missing! Starting next week on June 4th, there will be a Instrument Hunt to help them find their missing items before Music Jam starts!

Penguin Style

The Penguin Style catalog will be updated June 4th with some fresh new looks for your penguin!

Igloo Catalog

The Igloo Catalogs will be bringing some cool new looks for decorating your igloo on June 11th!

Stage Play

Check out the Stage for the new play, Underwater Adventure! Dive under the sea with Daring Daisy and Fearless Fiesel as they look for treasure! Will the treasure they’re looking for compare to what they really find?

Catalog Guides

Check out May’s Penguin Style catalog guide here!

Check out May’s Better Igloos catalog guide here!

Collectible Pins

Find the current pin here!

Thank you for reading!

~Raneaosama, Lieutenant General

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