Club Penguin Rewritten – May 2020 Field-Ops 5/29/2020

Attention all EPF agents! Starting today, there is a new Field-Ops mission available!

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Now, let’s start!

First, head over to the EPF Command Room and go to the Field-Ops computer. Once opened, click Continue to accept the mission.

Seems like there’s been a lot of people at the Stadium because of Smoothie Smash’s debut! We must ensure everyone’s safety by installing a new security camera. Head on over there and sit on the right side of the smoothie stand.

You’ll know you’re in the right spot when your EPF phone starts to shake and the top bar turns green!

Click on your EPF phone to launch the Break the Code! mini-game.

In the instructions, it tells you to scan symbols until you find the right combination. If the scan shows a symbol in a green circle, it is the correct symbol and position. If the scan shows a symbol in a yellow circle, it is a correct symbol but the wrong position. If the scan shows a symbol in a red circle, it is a symbol not used in any spots.

You have 7 scans to find the correct code until you fail the mission.

Click Engage to begin.

You’ll start off with a blank code scanner, each row containing 4 vertical circles. You will go one row at a time trying to figure out which code is correct.

You must match all 4 symbols in the circles to get the correct code. The different symbols are a kite, square, plus, and triangle. Click on a circle to get a different symbol.

When you’re ready to move on to the next row, click Scan.

There is a different code each time you play the game, so the one below might not look the same as yours!

After getting all 4 circles to show as green and completing the code, you will receive 25 EPF medals! You can spend these on various Elite Gear.

Tips & Tricks

  • Do not use red circle symbols! If you get a symbol in a red circle, that means it is not in the code AT ALL! This will eliminate one of the symbols, making it easier to find the code.

  • Use process of elimination! Whether you got a red/yellow/green circle, you will know which symbol fits and doesn’t fit. Keep in mind which ones you’ve already tried to find the correct placements.

  • Do not use up all of the rows! If you can’t find the code within 7 scans and fail the mission, you will have to start over and find a whole different code.

Best of luck!

~Raneaosama, Lieutenant General

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