Vet Spotlight: Rai

Have you ever seen someone with a purple name in chat and wondered who they are? Every RPF Veteran has a story, and this is the seventh edition of the Vet Spotlight column, where we take you back in time to tell the story of our esteemed veterans! Today, we’re telling you the story of RPF’s very own King of Norway: Rai.

Rai is a long time member of RPF, once achieving up to the rank of Officer Cadet, and is well recognized as a constant and familiar face in chat.

Rai along with RPF Hero moon in their duck floaties, at Operation: Twinsies on September 24, 2022, re-creating the day she recruited him 3 years prior.

Rai along with RPF Hero moon in their duck floaties, at Operation: Twinsies on September 24, 2022, re-creating the day she recruited him 3 years prior.

In September 2019, while randomly swimming with the duck floatie at the Cove on CPRewritten, moon invited Rai to join RPF. He originally joined the Discord server under the name kingcp25. While reminiscing about the kind and welcoming atmosphere, he said:

“Wehn moon did invite me her all Who vere online all tropers and staff vere welcome me to her and then yea I was happy to Find RPF + Meat lots of New Frends and Feal that yu are haume.”

Rai’s first interaction on the RPF Discord, in the #help-desk channel, because #welcome did not yet exist, on September 1, 2019.

Days later, on September 7, he attended his first event in which rebels went around CPRewritten wearing the Blue Wheeler item and doing car-related tactics. Rai was promoted to Private and began his journey through the RPF ranks.

An event picture from Rai’s first event, Operation: Rebel Roadtrip, including his penguin raivo111 doing tactics at the bottom, on September 7, 2019.

In January 2020 he had ranked up to the brand new Officer Cadet rank. This rank was the first of its kind, created to introduce aspiring troops to Officer responsibilities, and he was promoted to this rank within a group of four potential future staff members.

The promotion post depicting Rai’s promotion to the newly established Officer Cadet rank alongside three other troops, on January 13, 2020.

After a month as Officer Cadet, Rai made the decision to retire and become a visitor, but returned to Colonel on February 18. A few months later, he decided he would like to give a new army a try. Rai joined the Help Force, and continued to hang out in the RPF Discord server as an ally. In this new army, he ranked up to the Junior Cadet rank, but in the end he left Help Force in favour of focusing his activity in RPF.

On December 31, 2021, Rai attended an event and rejoined the ranks of RPF as a Private, with the goal of retaining image perms and access to the Club Penguin news channels in the Discord server. However, he remained enlisted for many months, and ranked up twice to attain the rank of Sergeant.

He retired for the final time on September 27, 2022, upon which he was awarded RPF Veteran, a title he carries proudly. He described the moment as “Bum did recive Long waited Award”. He explained why he felt like the time was right to step down:

“It was my decsion in real Life i Rai are Beasy some times i dont wana o attend events our dant have o time and i was Feal like it was time o go true my frends RPF was sad and crye but still i was feal its my time o do it.”

After this time, he would continue to hang out in chat, but was no longer interested in attending events. As he put it, “i am not troper i am yust human vith life”.

The RPF experiences that Rai looks back on fondly are Olympics, U-Lead events, and winning Nitro giveaways, but above all else, he appreciates all of the friends he’s made and loves to chat with them every day.

Rai’s Discord profile ensuring that all are aware that he does not intend to attend any more events.

These days Rai enjoys hosting the occasional movie break day event and sharing his day to day life with his friends in RPF, such as his weekend snack hauls and his plans for the coming days. He’s around most days, so you’ll more than likely encounter him in chat!

Keep an eye out for more editions of Vet Spotlight in the future!

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