Penguin Style: September 2023

Hi Rebels! Club Penguin Legacy has finally let out another edition of Penguin Style, and the Club Penguin News Team is super excited to tell you everything you need to know about this month’s secrets! Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

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There are 5 hidden items on this page!

1. Click on the top of the Ring Master’s Hat to receive the Cumberand Hat [400 coins].

2. Click on the green penguin’s left flipper to receive the Cane [170 coins].

3. Click on The Clown-Around to receive The Mischief-Maker [210 coins].

4. Click on the blue penguin’s beak to receive the Red Nose [0 coins].

5. Click on the top pom-pom on The Clown-Around costume to receive The Mischief-Maker Costume [400 coins].

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6. Click on the cow’s spot to receive the Horse Costume [500 coins].

7. Click on the cow’s hoof to receive the Horse Hooves [200 coins].

8. Click on the chicken’s head to receive the Unicorn Horn [150 coins].

9. Click on the chicken’s feathers to receive the Unicorn Costume [530 coins].

10. Click on the chicken’s foot to receive the Unicorn Hooves [200 coins].

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11. Click on the purple car’s brake-light to receive the Green Wheeler [450 coins].

12. Click on the left mini picture to receive the Balloon Vender [150 coins].

13. Click on the blue car’s right headlight to receive the Classic Car [450 coins].

14. Click on the blue car’s mirror to receive the Bunch of Balloons [150 coins].

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15. Click on The Forget Me Knot’s blue gem to receive the Pork Pie Hat [200 coins].

16. Click on the See You Layer Dress’ tie to receive the Carnival Barker Outfit [400 coins].

17. Click on the Magician’s Hat snowflake to receive The Abracadabra [400 coins].

18. Click on the Magician’s Cloak to receive the Abracadabra Cape [400 coins].

Page 6

19. Click on the puffle on the Laptop to receive the Black Letterman Jacket [550 coins].

20. Click on the right mini picture to receive the Blue Letterman Jacket [550 coins].

Page 7

21. Click on the left blue shoe to receive the Green Letterman Jacket [550 coins].

22. Click on the left mini picture to receive the Pink Letterman Jacket [550 coins].

23. Click on the right coffee mug to receive the Red Letterman Jacket [550 coins].

Outfit of the Month

24. Click on the yellow car’s right headlight to receive the Rainbow Car [2000 coins].

Penguins at Work

25. Click on the popcorn to receive the Popcorn [50 coins].

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That’ll do it for the Club Penguin Legacy September 2023 Penguin Style secrets! We hope this guide was helpful to you! If it was, be sure to check out our Discord Server for more guides like this, mascot tracking, pin trackers, and much more!

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