World War Rewritten: Conclusion

The conflict that has been dubbed World War Rewritten has come to a close, with ceasefires and treaties across the majority of the biggest players. Enclosed is the outcome of the World War in greater detail.

Army of Club Penguin

The ACP approached us about a ceasefire last night, with discussions beginning this morning once all of the leaders were awake. Reasons cited included a desire to resolve the toxicity within the army without having to focus on conflict, as well as the constant battling between RPF and ACP under the guise of other armies.

After agreeing to discuss, both sides presented their wishes, wishing the ownership of their capitals to be uncontested as well as no raiding of any recruiting the other army might perform. The latter desire came from screenshots sent to us during the war.

As a result, the following terms were set, with the knowledge that conflict could resume should the issues that started the war in the first place crop up again and peaceful discussion not seem apt towards their resolution.

ACP and RPF agree to ceasefire between the 2 armies until Sept 29th, 2020, meaning no interference in any conflicts the other face. In the scenario that ACP and RPF are both called upon by allies, neither will show up, with the following terms:
– Full ownership of Tuxedo and Deep Freeze (CPR) will be given to the RPF
– Full ownership of Mammoths (CPR, CPATG) will be given to the ACP
– Both armies will not raid/report/jeopardize each other’s recruiting efforts on CPR

Both armies agreed to the terms.

Chaos Army

After discussions with ACP, discussions with Chaos were put into place to determine the outcome of some of the other contested servers, as well as determining the possible end to their conflict.

Claiming a lack of purpose to fight without ACP in the war, RPF and Chaos began talks. After a few minutes, terms were set.

[Chaos will] publicly admit that RPF wins the war, and that there won’t be any more invasion from now… RPF gets full ownership of Beanie (CPR). RPF and Chaos won’t be raiding/reporting/jeopardizing each other’s recruiting efforts at all.

Both armies agreed to the terms.

Moving Forward

With World War Rewritten having ended, and the other armies who had declared war on the RPF having quietly taken their leave, we find ourselves in a very good position after this war. We end with more territory than we began with, more allies than we began with, and morale at a high.

Thank you to all of the soldiers from RPF, the retirees who rejoined to help us defend our territory, our allies who helped us keep hold of our territory, and everyone else who played a part in helping us secure this outcome in our first major war in years.

Fight the good fight.

Ultipenguinj, Rebel Commander
Cosmo, Rebel Commander


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