Anniversary Week – RPF Sweet 16 Review

The Previous week, we celebrated a huge milestone for RPF, as it turned 16 years old! The party, which was organised by HCOM, included many fun events, break days and other activities! Did you miss out on the RPF Sweet Sixteen Party? Don’t worry as this post will summarise it all!

Lets revisit everything that happened in this week full of celebrations!

Anniversary Festivities

The announcement of this party released on Sunday the 30th of April, and came with a bingo card, full of fun activities which could be completed in rows to earn Giveaway Tiers, and Anniversary Drops, where rebels could access exclusive giveaways from finding the gifts sent in the server at random times! Along with all of this, There were 2 forms for rebels to fill out such as a Throwback Form, and a Who’s Most Likely: HCOM Edition!

The party’s bingo cards filled with all sorts of activities which when a row is formed, a giveaway tier is added to the person

By the end of the party, only some were able to complete the whole bingo card and gaining the Sweet 16 and Sophomore Year roles, while others managed to achieve the Amateur Adventurer role for 3 rows and Driving Permit role for 1 row! Either way everyone had fun and celebrated the event with us!

Read the announcement post here

Sweet 16 Schedule

This wouldn’t be an anniversary week without events, and so we held many fun events throughout the week, for everyone to enjoy! Some of which being Club Penguin events held on CPABattleground, and others being Break Day events held in the RPF Server and other game sites! Keep reading to find out about each event which took place in this jam packed week!

We began with a Break Day on Monday, where Rebels voted from a selection for which movie they most desired to watch. In the end they decided upon Legally Blonde!

The following day, we took our cars out for a test drive with our new found driving permits on CPABattleground for Operation: Drivers Test [US]!


An event picture from Tuesday’s Operation: Drivers Test [US]

On Wednesday, we had a classic HCOM vs Troops Hide and seek event, with a twist! For Operation: I Spot A Rebel, Troops were looking for HCOM hiding around the island in historic RPF Uniforms!

Event pic from Operation I Spot A Rebel [EU]

On Thursday, we continued the stream of events with Operation: Battle Of The Branches in a classic Branch Battle where both teams fought out in an attempt to win!

An event picture from Operation: Battle Of The Branches [EU]

Fridays event was a Break Day Branch Battle on the fun website, Codenames! Rebels battled it out to figure out their teams tiles before the other team found theirs, or clicking on the assassin tiles!

Saturdays events included a common favourite twin event for Operation: Twin Party [AUSIA], and another fun Movie Break Day, where rebels voted to watch Phineas and Ferb: The Movie!

A picture from Saturdays Operation Twin Party [AUSIA]

To conclude this fabulous week of events, on Sunday we held Operation: Sweet 16 [EU] as our anniversary gala, which came with a Gold and Pink theme!

Event picture from our anniversary gala, Operation: Sweet 16 [EU]

The Gala was then followed by the beloved Rebel Records! After a year, it made another appearance for an anniversary edition including an amazing slideshow presenting the most voted HCOM per category in the previously mentioned Who’s most likely to… HCOM edition. We also looked over peoples first events, and afterwards a collage was shared in main chat!


Well rebels, that concludes this Party Review! We’ve covered everything about the RPF Sweet 16 Party! We would like to thank HCOM for organising this beautiful party, and thank you ALL for coming and celebrating with us! We hope to see you around for the next party, but until then, see you around!

Moonlemur – RPF General


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