Hi Rebels! The Club Penguin News Team is back, and this time, we have a guide for Mission 2 of the Get Jet party on CPLegacy! Today, we’ll be walking you through the mission and giving you some helpful tips that you could use along the way! We hope you enjoy and let’s get into it! 

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To read more about how to become a PSA agent, click here. 

Mission 2

To read more about this mission and get the free Mission 2 item, the Rugged Radio, click on the folder near the top right-hand corner of your screen.

This mission starts at the end of the first one. Once there, you’ll see a brown note near the middle bush. This note ultimately tells you how to get through the maze. 

When you first get in the room, PH will warn you to keep your eyes open for a giant crab. “Don’t get too close if you see them.” she says! 

Just in case you’d still like us to tell you the way through the maze, here you go! Be sure to follow the arrows!

Disclaimer: When you get to this room, don’t follow the crab-like shadow that goes left! Remember what PH told us! 

Once you get in the room, PH will meet you there and give you a helpful tip about the sad-looking red puffle in the corner.

For a free background and more narrations, click on the puffle. 

And that’s all for Mission 2, folks! Congratulations and huge thank you to everyone who completed it with us! We hope that this guide helped you succeed and be sure to stick around for Mission 3 and more to come!

Gianna | Lieutenant General 


you're loved. <3

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