Hey Agents! The Club Penguin News Team is back with a guide for Mission 3 of the Get Jet party on CPLegacy! Today we’ll be walking you through the mission, introducing you to the new mini game, and giving you tips along the way! We hope you enjoy and let’s get right into it! 

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Mission 3

As you might have seen in the first two guides, there’s a folder near the top-right hand corner of your screen. Click on it to read more about this mission and receive the free item: the ski goggles.

This mission starts at the end of the second one. Once there, you’ll see the sad looking red puffle from Mission 2 and an o-berry bush. Click on the bush and a single puffle-o will appear. Feed it to the puffle – that frown will turn upside down!

After feeding the puffle, a cut scene will appear. PH gives us an assumption about the cuddly little guy, now that we’ve fed them.

Next, you’ll be taken to another room. A mysterious key is hanging off of a tree branch – be sure to grab it. After all, it may come in handy, and we need all the clues we can get right?

For this next part, you’ll want to blow the puffle whistle near the left-hand side of your screen. Remember that red puffle from earlier? Well, the whistle will grab their attention and it will help us find yet another key. 

After you have the second key acquired, head towards the igloo on the right.

Unfortunately, we do not have enough keys to get into the igloo, so let’s hunt for one more by bypassing it and heading left.

Once in the room, we meet up with PH yet again. She gives us some helpful tips about the new fishing mini game. 

On the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, there’s a book called Fishing Guide. Be sure to read it for even more helpful tips brought to us by Gary!

Like PH had mentioned, there is a worm that pops out of its hole every few seconds. This will be the bait for our fish. Once the bait is acquired, you’ll want to click on the branch that is located right outside of the river in order to go fishing.

Like mentioned in the Fishing Guide, there are four items available to catch. One of them are a boot. Chances are that you’ll catch this quite frequently, but don’t lose hope! 

The third and final key is also available for catching – so be sure to grab it and take notice to the cut scene once it gets taken off of your pole! 

Numerous fluffies are also available for catching – and an item comes with them!

Finally, a mullet and its item are up for grabs as well. This may take a while to catch, but don’t lose hope! Who wouldn’t want such a cool hat? 

And that will conclude Chapter 3 of this mission, Rebels! Thank you so much for coming along with us and congratulations to everyone who completed this mission! We hope that this guide helped and keep your eyes peeled for Chapter 4 and possibly more to come! 

Gianna | Lieutenant General 


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