Is that a dinosaur I see? The Prehistoric Party is finally here and there are tons of fun rooms for you to explore and fun activities that will allow you to warp back in time!

Once you enter the Time Trekker, you will be able to go back to the Prehistoric Ages! You’ll land in the Tree Palace where you will be able to buy different items for your prehistoric penguin!

If you click the egg in the top right corner of your game, you will see that there is a dinosaur egg scavenger hunt! By finding all 12 eggs, you will receive a reward as well as having the opportunity to transform into a dinosaur of your choosing! To transform, simply click the egg and press the transform button!

Egg 1: Tree Palace

Egg 2: Dino Nests

Eggs 3 & 4: Hunting Spot:

Egg 5: Ptero Town:

Egg 6: Scary Ice:

Egg 7: Tyranno Town:

Egg 8: Yuck Swamp:

Eggs 9 & 10: Tricera Town:

Egg 11: Stony Town:

Egg 12: Big Water Place:

If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat after exploring for eggs, there is a place for you to eat with friends called Yum Yum!

Once you have collected all 12 eggs, click the egg at the top right corner again to transform into a dinosaur or to receive your T-Rex hoodie!

Another activity for you to do is to open your Prehistoric Map at the bottom left and roar as a transformed dinosaur at the labeled locations! As you roar, your map will fill up with checked boxes and you will receive the following prizes!

For all our stamp collectors out there, each furniture item can be claimed up to 99 times which means using these free items, you will be able to achieve the Full House stamp!

That’s all for the Prehistoric Party rebels! Have fun and I’ll see you back in 2021! There is a new pin that you can pick up here. For more information on parties, pin trackers, catalog secrets, mascot trackers, and more, be sure to join our Discord!

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