Elmikey’s Ostracism Revoked – An Apology from Elmikey

On Halloween night, Elmikey and I had a conversation regarding the terms for him to be unbanned from the Rebel Federation. The terms were originally written by Popsicle, and modified by me. They read:

In order to have his ostracism from the Rebel Federation revoked, Elmikey must comply to all of the following terms:

  • He must transfer the rights to all Discord servers and websites in his possession to the Rebel Commander at the time, where they will then decide what further actions must be taken with them.
  • He must create an apology post on the official RF website admitting his wrongdoings.
  • He must publicly acknowledge the legend statuses of all of those whom he renounced as legitimate (in the post is fine).
  • He must delete ALL content relating to the exposure of the Rebel Federation in any way permanently.
  • He must not attempt to regain power in Rebel Federation or lead this community ever again, and he must not hold any power in any other army ever.
  • He must also leave the servers of all other active armies.

If Elmikey complies with all of these terms, he will have restricted access to the server with the opportunity to gain full access when the current Rebel Commander sees fit. If he goes back on any of these terms or becomes anti-RF he will be banned again permanently with no chance to be unbanned ever.

Elmikey has agreed to the above terms and is therefore being unbanned from the Rebel Federation’s Discord server and placed on restricted access, where he will only have access to the veteran’s chat and the read-only channels until his behavior is deemed appropriate enough to be given access back to the rest of the channels. If you receive a direct message from him that breaks the rules of the Rebel Federation Discord server in any way, please immediately inform the highest ranking active member of the High Command. If there are none online, inform the Rebel Commander directly.

Our decision to unban Elmikey should not be taken as implication that we condone his behavior or activities that led to his removal from the leadership and banishment in the first place. We still strongly acknowledge that what he did was wrong. The difference is that now, so does he. Please read and consider his apology below:

My name is Elmikey. I am the first 2nd in Command of RPF dating back to 2007. For almost a year, I have been banished from the place that was home to me for 11 years, the place that got me through so many tough times that have shaped me into the person I am today. Although much has been said about me and who I am, and I haven’t had the chance to explain to many of the troops, much of it is the truth in regards to why I have been banished from the RPF. I am here today to apologize to all of those whom I have offended and fought with ever since my removal in December 2017. I was given the opportunity to stand down peacefully after my fellow leaders realizing that I wasn’t contributing nearly as much as I should or possibly could have. Looking back at the contributions of Popsicle and Left, I do agree with them, and the only way I can explain my actions is through the love of this army and what it has represented to me throughout my life. I did not want to lose the very thing that has always been a part of me since I was 11 years old. But in looking back, I would have never lost anything if I did not react in the way I did and for that, I apologize. It was my own actions that led to me being isolated from RPF affairs and giving the perception that most of you have of me. I associated myself with shady people, including Freezie66 and Security, who have tried to destroy the very thing that we all built together. They almost succeeded. I was grouped with these people, and while I did not condone or assist them in their crooked methods, it was my own fault for being friends with them and allowing them on my Discord. My inner circle, including others with legendary status in RPF such as Lord Pain, have also helped me throughout this process and wish to come back and reunite the entirety of RPF/RF as a whole. We are strongest together.

I have no ulterior motive. I am now retired and wish to reside within RF discord to rebuild relationships with those whom I have tainted over the last year. I am very aware of the fact that I will never have any power within RPF again but I am completely fine with that after much self-reflection and realizing my wrongdoings. Fight the good fight.

If you have any questions (which I expect many of you will), please feel free to DM me or leave a comment below, where I or another member of the High Command will answer it. We grow stronger united.

Fight the good fight.


Rebel Commander


You know who I am.


  1. I accept your apology, Elmikey, but idk if RF will. Continue to Fight the Good Fight!

  2. Aslong as he follows the terms and our rules, I’m fine with him back.

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