Mischief Managed: Rebel Potter Week Review

Calling all wizards, witches, warlocks and muggles! The Rebel Penguin Federation has rebranded to the mystical world of wizardry, now known as the Rebel Potter Federation. Thanks to our Party Planning Committee, RPF proudly presents:

Day 1: Hogwarts Hide n’ Seek 

To start our lovely Potter week, two back to back Hide n’ Seek events took place during our AUSIA and US timezones. During Mischief Managed [AUSIA], a representative from Hufflepuff emerged victorious. Maddi‘s hiding spot was no match for HCOM’s seeking skills, 10 points to Hufflepuff! Our Invisibility Cloak [US] event ended with an HCOM seeker win.

Day 2: Defense Against the Dark Arts Training

Rebels near and far came together to brush up on battle skills. Dressed in our best wizard and witch uniforms, we reached a high of 49 at this weekday training. 5 POINTS TO ALL HOUSES!

Day 3: Wizard Chess Tournament and Movie Night

Thursday was the time to show off your gaming IQ. In this form of Wizard Chess, there were members from all 4 houses competing in the Find Four tournament. We saw Slytherin take home the gold, while Gryffindor placed 2nd and 3rd. 15 POINTS TO SLYTHERIN! 10 POINTS TO GRYFFINDOR!

Following our competitive tournament, there was a movie stream of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, open to all members in RPF in Cinema 13 voice chat! Shout out to Yvng Baller for not only winning the tournament, but also being the MVP movie streamer. (2 points to Slytherin.. I guess.)

Day 4: Potion and Tactic Masters

To kick off the morning, we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten to practice our potion skills. Shout out to Professor Snape for those keen teachings. For the record, it’s LEVIOSA… not LEVIOSAAAAAAH. In the evening, we brushed up on our quick tactics and formations in preparation for a tri-battle between RPF Air Force, RPF Navy, and our ally the Water Vikings. All around great attendance, so that brings me to say 5 POINTS TO ALL HOUSES!

Day 5: Battle Day

AUSIA kicked off with a well organized training event, in prep for our EU battle. Operation: Ascension [AUSIA] reached a high of 47 rebels online. Later in the day, we split into branches instead of Hogwarts Houses and battled the Water Vikings. We saw a high of 71 at this branch battle, and finished with an RPF Navy tie to Water Vikings. Better luck next time Air Force. All the amazing efforts from our trained wizards and witches result in 5 POINTS FOR EACH HOUSE!

Day 6: Quidditch Match 

For our final set of events in Rebel Potter Week, we kicked off with Operation: Dragon Tales [AUSIA]. After we got in touch with our inner mythical creature, it was time for Quidditch. For those who don’t know, Quidditch is a competitive game played in the Harry Potter series; very common sport at Hogwarts. Hitting a max of 66, we saw all houses compete at the highest level.

The real question is, which house emerged victorious? Did Gryffindor come out on top, taking the lead from Slytherin yet again? Or was there an upset between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw? Who won the House Cup? What a mystery that’ll be… Oh wait I know this one:

House Cup winner(s): Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw


Is this the end for Rebel Potter Week? No, not necessarily. The Rebel Penguin Federation Discord server will remain Rebel Potter Federation for the duration of October, along with our themed channels. If you want to get sorted into a Hogwarts house still, check out the quiz here. Like the server theme, the Sorting Hat will still be around all month long. Don’t fret, there is still more in store for this spooky season. What will that be? Well… stay tuned Rebels!

Special thanks to Party Planning Committee for the themed week, thank you Koloway for the amazing graphics, and thank you Water Vikings for battling us!

~Crazzy, Rebel Commander


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