The Party Planning Committee is back for another spooky spectacle: Rebel Horror Hotel. Come join us at Hotel Transylvania and be transported to a week long scare-cation! Make sure to check out this post to claim your invitation, hotel itinerary, and a short quiz to determine which monster you are most like. Once you’re done, read on to learn some fang-tastic facts about the vampire!

“I don’t say, ‘Bleh ble-bleh!'”

Dracula Hotel Transylvania GIF - Dracula Hotel Transylvania Smile - Discover & Share GIFs

You might be thinking getting “the vampire” is just average, or even basic for that matter – but you are so much more than that. Just like Dracula, you are known for your quirks that are uniquely you – whether it be a great smile, funny sense of humour, or kindhearted attitude.

Just like Dracula, you are protective of your loved ones and fiercely loyal. Even though there may be moments of doubt in your abilities, you stay true to who you are and what you stand for. As a creature of the night, you love to stay up late working on your next greatest idea (or just hanging out with your friends) and sleeping in as much as you can. You usually like to people watch and hide in the shadows, but can take on the stage and lead others when the time is right.

We hope this description was accurate to you! Whether it is spot-on or shares only a few traits, the Party Planning Committee hopes you enjoy your stay at Rebel Horror Hotel!

Shoutout to Jaeun for the title gfx!

-Party Planning Committee-



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