Seasonal Roles [Summer 2021]

Seasonal Roles

Sunny days are here which means only one thing…

Summer Seasonal Roles!

What are Seasonal Roles?

Seasonal Roles are roles that are only available during a particular season and are seen as collectible, as you get to keep them until the same season the following year. For example, roles you earn this summer will last until Summer 2022!

How do we earn seasonal roles?

Seasonal Roles can be earned by recruiting new troops!
When you have recruited a new troop you must message an Officer or member of HCOM all the information below:
1) Your name in the Discord Server
2) The name of the person you recruited
3) A screenshot of you recruiting that person
The staff member will then log this information to calculate how many troops you’ve recruited over time.

Summer Roles

Here are the available Summer Roles

Blueberry – 15 recruits

Firefly – 25 recruits

Snowcone – 35 recruits

Lemonade – 45 recruits

Zephyr – 55 recruits

These roles will be available to earn from Tuesday, June 1st 2021 until Tuesday, August 17th 2021.

Good luck with recruiting to everyone! If you’re unsure where to start, we have a Club Penguin recruiting guide and a Discord recruiting guide, or you can reach out to any staff member for tips and tricks!

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