Seasonal Roles – Winter 2022

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? Snow is falling, marshmallows are roasting and that can only mean one thing…

Winter Seasonal Roles

What are Seasonal Roles?

Seasonal Roles are roles that are only available during a particular season and are seen as collectible, as you get to keep them until the same season the following year. For example, roles you earn this winter will last until Spring 2024!

How do we earn Seasonal Roles?

Seasonal Roles can be earned by recruiting new troops!
When you have recruited a new troop you must message an Officer or member of HCOM all the information below:
1) Your name in the Discord Server
2) The name of the person you recruited
3) A screenshot of you recruiting that person
The staff member will then log this information to calculate how many troops you’ve recruited over time.

Winter Roles & Prizes

For winter of 2022, we are mixing things up. We have 1 role for each month of the fall that can be earned only during that month. Once that month is over, the role will not available anymore but if you have earned it you can still keep it. An additional role is awarded to those who manage to collect all 3 seasonals!

Each month role is awarded up on recruiting 5 people.

Elf – December

Has a payout of 7500 rebel cash for the months of December and January.

Snowball – January

Has a payout of 7500 rebel cash for the months of January and February

Comet – February

Has a payout of 7500 rebel cash of the months of February and March

Winterberry– Final role for collecting all seasonals

Has a 1.05x multiplier on rebel cash.

Note: Any attempt to falsely obtain recruits through alt accounts, spam inviting people, or inviting people at random without explaining the server may result in disqualification from these awards.

These roles will be available to earn between Thursday, December 1st, 2022 and Tuesday , February 28th , 2023.

Best of luck with recruiting! Don’t give up! If you feel daunted and discouraged by it and would like some tips, please check out the Club Penguin recruiting guide and Discord recruiting guide, and don’t hesitate to message a member of staff for advice.

Special thanks to Ohasa from the Graphics team for the title graphic!

Link3000 | Rebel Commander

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