This week marks the seventy-sixth official edition of “Troop Interviews”, where a team of interviewers (currently Yvng, Cracked, Guinz, Marie, and Emerald) ask two or more people questions. Interviews won’t have same questions; each interview’s purpose is to show originality and have its own unique highlights. Along with that, the questions asked give us a better understanding of each soldier and how different or similar everyone is in the community. There’s an exponential amount of soldiers here in the Rebel Penguin Federation, so it will be difficult to get to everyone who requests an interview. The Rebel Broadcast Team graciously appreciates the patience you all have and hope to see you guys in a post one day!

The three interviewees for this week are Maggie, Future, and imatsoup!


Hey Rebels! This is Marie, bringing you a new edition of troop interviews! To begin, Sharki interviewed Maggie, who recently earned Troop of the Week. Let’s see how she feels about earning this special title and her future goals for RPF!

How do you feel about getting TOTW?

Maggie: It’s been amazing! I was shocked when I got the notification on Friday and then I had so so many pings right after! I was super excited tho!

Sharki: yay im glad, i remember i was ecstatic too (a long time ago haha) the pings def make it exciting

Maggie: ikr!! it was like overwhelming but super exciting

Why do you think you earned TOTW?

Maggie: I think I warned troop of the week for my kindness to others in chat and always being a friendly face to new people! Also for attending events when I’m able to and ranking up so quickly haha.

Sharki: for sure! spreading kindness is definitely an amazing quality and im so glad you are a friendly face it makes troops feel comfortable :goo:

What advice would you give to other troops who aspire to be Troop of the Week?

Maggie: I’d tell them to be themself and get involved as much as they can without effecting their irl life too much! I find the events as a stress reliever from school and life’s troubles 🙂

Sharki: aww yeah irl is definitely always first but im glad that you find events stress relieving its always fantastic having you around! hope yall aspiring for TOTW are reading this rn 🤬

Maggie: haha awww your so sweet <3

What is your favorite part about being Troop of the Week in your opinion?

Maggie: The pink color is so amazing, but I’d say the motivation to talk in chat more and attend events has been super helpful for me!

Sharki: the pink color is def a fav !

What goals/ranks do you hope to achieve in RPF?

Maggie: My goal is to achieve officer cadet in the near future!! I love the community and would love to help give back in a way <3

Sharki: omg awesome officer cadet is def the first step to giving back and its a great rank thank you sm for taking time for the interview!!<3

Maggie: tyyy


Next up, Emerald interviewed another one of our recent earners of Troop of The Week, Future! Let’s learn about his thoughts on earning the honor!

How does it feel to earn a spot on the list of Troop of the Weeks?
Future: it feels great !! I’m happy that I get to be apart of the list!
Emerald: I agree!! It feels really nice to be included as a part of the outstanding troops that we have in RPF, having your efforts and dedication into this community be noticed by others is such an amazing feeling. I felt the same when I got TOTW too which feels a while ago now that I think about it!
Future: yes yes !!! what number are you on the list??
Emerald: TOTW 185 😳 My name was GreenGreen in the past so that’s why it shows that instead of EmeraldGreen LOL
Future: showing appreciation for the best color ever 😏👍
Emerald: aww shucks 😏👍 Overall, getting TOTW is quite an accomplishment so now I’m curious as to know:

Why do you think you earned the prestigious Troop of the Week award?
Future: I think I earned the award because I try to do whatever I can to be around !!
Emerald: I really respect that answer 😌 Doing your best to help out the community whenever you’re available is a sure-fire way of showing people how reliable of a character you can be! After all, your best is always appreciated and its safe to say that its really a mindset to strive for in general!
Future: i agree !!!
Emerald: Mm, you’ve proven to be a model troop in the community after receiving the Troop of the Week award, so my next question is if you have any advice for troops aiming to walk that journey and earn the title of Troop of the Week?
Future: i say to be patient and people will recognize your contribution 😀
my answers are kinda short i apologize

Emerald: Absolutely nothing wrong with keeping it short and sweet, you’re all good 😌 Also agree 100%, its always important to do the right thing and keep on fighting the good fight even if you think not many people might be paying attention (which people are!!) There will always be people that notice your contributions so its neat to earn the Troop of the Week for all your efforts!!
What is your favourite part of being Troop of the Week?
Future: the color JSDKBSJDKB i like the color !!and the cute trophy icon next to the name!! i like cosmetics 😌
Emerald: Fabulous answers!! Both the pink and the little trophy really makes you stand out from the crowd!
Do you have anything you’re looking forward during that as Troop of the Week?
Future: nothing really, i’m just relishing in my pink! doesn’t take much to make me happy!!
Emerald: Love that for you!! The pink was really one of my favourite parts of Troop of the Week so feel free to bask in the pinkish glory!!! Pink aside though, its time for our final question of the day and it’s going to be a really tough one so hope you studied!!! (nah just kidding LOL)

How did you came up with your username?
Future: it’s a long story KDKSJSSJ um okay so basically it’s a reference to silver the hedgehog. I used an aspect of my Tumblr username for this username 😼 I don’t listen to future btw KSKSJS
Emerald: LOOOL I was thinking more of you liking futuristic stuff but I can see someone thinking you really like the rapper too!!! Really like the name btw, appreciate the reference too 😌 I just use random usernames for other platforms LOL but maybe I should stick to EmeraldGreen, got a nice ring to it
Any last words to wrap up our interview?
Future: i love futuristic stuff too!! any last words huh…… i guess i’d sayyyyyy stan nct >:)

Emerald: Ah nice!! also brilliant shoutout 🤝 Tysm for your time in this interview, twas a pleasure 💚
Future: thanks for interviewing me!!!


Our final interview features Yvng asking a few questions to Imatsoup, one of our latest Officer Cadets. Keep reading as we learn her thoughts!

How long have you been a part of RPF?

Imatsoup: Roughly half a year, started in April 2021 Yvng: oooo you been here for a good bit then, congrats on 7 months!

How does it feel to have become an Officer Cadet?

Imatsoup: Good, a tad overwhelming, but I’m learning the ropes pretty well and I’m really excited to learn more

Yvng: Yeah i feel you, i was a bit overwhelmed as well when i got promoted to Cadet with all the new responsibilities and the new channels :UmbLaugh:

What motivated you to get to where you are now in RPF?

Imatsoup: I really wanted to do my best for the server these past few weeks and be a part of the community, which is why I did a lot the last two weeks of october. However, if I’m completely and utterly honest, I kinda forgot that getting promoted to officer cadet meant more responsibilities until after I’d submitted the form for promo, but then I thought, well if life gives you lemons, you do your best to give it a shot and grow them. Yvng: That was me about a year ago, I wanted to do more for the community that I have been a part of for the last couple of months! Also yeah you will get used to your new responsibilities don’t worry 😉

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Imatsoup: Hm, teleportation would probably be my first pick. Being able to go anywhere I want at the drop of a hat is too tempting to resist telekenisis is a great runner-up tho

Yvng: Oooo thats a cool one! For me imma have to go with invisiblity for sure!

What goals/ranks do you hope to achieve in RPF?

Imatsoup: I’m not immediately shooting for hcom, but becoming a general would already be great. But hey, I’ll leave it up to the future. Maybe I’ll become second in command one day 😉
Yvng: Those are some great goals, cant wait to see you accomplish them, im rooting for you!

Any last words you would like to give before finishing this off?
Imatsoup: Stay in water, eat your school and drink enough veggies.
Yvng: Some fine words you have said! thank you for the interview 🤝

That’s all we got for this issue! I hope you had fun reading through the interviews of our troops!

If you have any questions or would like to be interviewed by the interviewing team, DM one of these members: Cracked, Yvng, Guinz, EmeraldGreen, or Sharki.

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