Day In The Life: Troop Edition

Welcome back to the 3rd edition of the Day In The Life. In our earlier issues, we looked at the lives of HCOM & Officers. This time we will be interviewing three of our Troops and find out what they do in their daily lives.

Erik_jjj, Specialist

Not a lot thats interesting, school Mondays and Tuesdays and bar-work Wednesdays to Fridays, I do love working at the bar considering I get distracted easily in school so it helps. I try and check up on rpf at least once a day just to see what events are on their way and what I can attend. I don’t follow anything much of a schedule, I just let life flow thru its river, be it a peaceful and happy day or a bad day, I just let life flow. The most amount I could say that’s a routine for me is doing daily stuff in games, logging in and chatting with rpf, checking if my rpf friends are ok (you matter, my dms are always open for anyone to vent). While I don’t have any duties compared to the legends who are in hcom currently I try and introduce new players around rpf and give tours to the players who are new to club penguin as a whole. I’ll most likely never make it to their position but my goal is to atleast rank up one more time. My hobbies include gaming, chatting, watching anime and singing. I try to do them a few times a week at least but some are harder to do then others for me.

Gabi, Major

I’m currently in my second year of university where I study history so most of my week is taken up by work for that! Because of the nature of my course, I get a lot of control over when and where I study as most of it is reading to do in my own time which can be a pain but also quite good as I am able to make it to a lot of the AUSIA events which fall at about 2pm for me😊Outside of study I try to do a variety of different things. My main hobby is field hockey and has been for the last 11 years! I really enjoy the team atmosphere and the social aspect!! I also particularly enjoy baking and cooking as I find it time for me to switch my brain off for a couple of hours and just follow a recipe (plus you get to eat at the end of it)! My other hobbies include art and reading, and when I’m making art you can be sure a video essay or a true crime video is on in the background! Finally, I really like watching football (soccer for all you Americans out there) and go and watch it live whenever I get the chance! I love the jumping, chanting, and singing that it provides kind of like an RPF event 😉. Talking of RPF, I check the discord regularly throughout the day, often while I’m doing other things which is why I’ll sometimes send a question and disappear before anyone can respond which is definitely not what I have done while writing this up. I try to attend a number of events over the week too, my personal goal is about 4-5 if I can with any more being a bonus! I don’t let it come between myself and real life responsibilities though, although I have been known to cook while participating in an event. I’ve also recently joined the graphic design team too, so I always check for any messages or jobs to do with that as well when I log in 😊 I really like that as I haven’t had any graphic design work to do on a deadline since I left school in March last year. My next aim is to just carry on rising through the ranks and hopefully I’ll have a green name soon!😉

Crow, Colonel

So my life is quite hectic right now, I’m back at school from the summer break which means back to having piles of homework from extra tuition classes and school. My day starts really early at 6am 🥱 where I would usually start by doing all the morning stuff and then check discord :/ I would like to say I’m quite organised so I make sure to make a little to-do list on my computer as well as on a post-it 🗒️ so I do all my assignments and homework that are due. I do also have lots on with violin practice, music theory and extra tuition classes so my days are pretty packed. But I do make time for some hobbies on weekdays that include climbing and playing violin, I’ll also occasionally attend clay / pottery classes (sometimes i post my pieces in art :D) and if I’m really free, I’ll probably end up sketching and drawing! I would like to say that I’m not addicted to RPF but I really am so whenever I get the chance, I’ll be online. I’ve been in RPF long enough to have memorised the rough timings of when my bot commands are due and the cool down is done. During the day, I’ll log on discord to chat. I check my discord whenever I can and whenever I’m on my computer. Honestly irl I’m definitely not a people person (:shy~1:) so I really find comfort in hanging out in main or bots with my online friends from RPF <3. My term-time schedule makes it hard for me to be fully committed to RPF although I would love to be part of the staff team one day!! I would admit… my irl life is not really “prioritised” but I promise I do take care of myself irl and make it a habit to do some exercise every day except for weekends. RPF’s events in my timezone are pretty late so I usually attend the AUSIA events and the occasional US event with no problem because by that time of day, my work is basically done and I’m ready to sleep 💤.

We hope you enjoyed reading about some of our cool troops’ daily routines and interests. Until next time, fight the good fight!

Yodabobobo~Second in Command, Rebel Broadcast Team Writer

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