This week marks the seventy-fifth official edition of “Troop Interviews”, where a team of interviewers (currently Yvng, Mars, Cracked, Guinz, EmeraldGreen, and Yodabobobo) ask two or more people questions. Interviews won’t have same questions; each interview’s purpose is to show originality and have its own unique highlights. Along with that, the questions asked give us a better understanding of each soldier and how different or similar everyone is in the community. There’s an exponential amount of soldiers here in the Rebel Penguin Federation, so it will be difficult to get to everyone who requests an interview. The Rebel Broadcast Team graciously appreciates the patience you all have and hope to see you guys in a post one day!

The three interviewees for this week are Mars, Yas, and NoScope555!


Greetings Rebels! This is Guinz, presenting to you with our latest edition of Troop Interviews! Starting us off, Yvng interviewed Mars, a former Officer who recently retired and was awarded the RPF Veteran title. Read on for more on Mars’ journey in RPF and whether she will ever rejoin us!


Why did you choose to join RPF in the beginning?

Mars: well i joined in the middle of quarantine and was recruited by simchi:) i think the main reason i joined was because i was really curious as to what this group exactly was and i wanted to meet new people as i was bored during the lockdown with not much else to do. i’ve also played cpr since it originally came out so i thought it would be cool to meet some other players!
Yvng: i feel you on that, i think during quarantine we can def speak for everyone that we were all bored and wanted to play cpr for nostalgic reasons and it somehow brought us all to the wonderful world of RPF!!


How has RPF changed in your opinion since you first joined?
Mars:woooo great question. so i think the main aspect that has changed are the people. everyone comes and goes. staff retire and new faces join throughout time! so although the quarantine boom may be over, i love how there is always someone to chat with in main:) the community will always feel welcoming and i love that about RPF. another huge thing that has changed would be the new channels like #pets and #food or even #homeworkhelp. i love being able to see troops have new places to chat and vibe together 🙂
Yvng: i def agree with i love that everyday you meet someone new in rpf and its nice seeing new generations of not just staff but also troops as well! still from the day i joined i feel like its still as welcoming today!! (also fun fact me and mars joined during the same week :winkk~1: )


How have armies changed in your opinion since you first joined?
Mars: so first off i’ve seen a variety of different army servers. i first saw cpam, then cpah, and now finally cpan 🙂 as for armies i have seen quite a few armies come and go. one example is the dark warriors which was one of the armies in our BIA alliance!! i recall a lot of great memories surrounding DW from when i was a troop so it was sad seeing them shut down last year. as for more general army related stuff i’ve seen the covid boom with inane sizes to more average sizes now that peoples lives are more busy and things are opened back up.
Yvng: for sure, there have been a lot of armies from last year to now that have come and go like dw for example :(, it was nice to see the army community going strong though as lots of armies were maxing and growing more than ever before!


What do you think was your highest achievement in RPF?
Mars: i think overall one of my favorite things was being able to mentor doots. i loved seeing them grow and being there for them whenever they needed me:) it’s a really great feeling being able to pass down any of ur staff knowledge to a new generation! another thing that i’ve loved being able to do is voicing my concerns within staff and standing up for what i believe in. it’s a skill that took me awhile to feel confident in but it’s nice knowing that you can make a difference within the server even as an officer!
Yvng: For real, mentoring doots is a lot of fun and its just wonderful being able to mentor the next generation of Mods in RPF!! Also yes confidence in yourself is a nice thing to have as well :))


What was your favorite memory from all your time in RPF?
Mars: one of my favorite memories of all time would have to be the lcxi 2020 finals. the unity after we won was such a great feeling! i’d say a close second to that would be getting totw. i remember feeling so accomplished and proud because it was really tough competition to get it that summer :goo~2:
Yvng: Yesss LCXI was sucha a fun battle, I remember the hype going into it and how hyped we all were when we won LOL. Also nothing beats a good totw moment!!
Do you think you might rejoin someday?
Mars: honestly for the time being i need to stay focused on myself and my irl responsibilities. but once i get into college and have more time available this spring/summer, i’d deff take rejoining into consideration
Yvng: I feel that, hopefully you can rejoin soon, miss you :’)
Any last words?
Yvng: thank you for letting me interview you today miss mars, it was a lot of fun!! also once again congrats on retiring and earning veteran, I think I can speak for everyone about how much we are gonna miss you and the presence you gave as an officer! Is there any last words you would like to say before we wrap this up :e55555:
Mars: thank u sm for the interview yvng :goo~2: i’ll miss being officer with u and the rest of staff as well :(( my final words are fight the good fight and i wish everyone the best of luck in rpf :salute~1:
Yvng: Fight the Good Fight indeed!!


Next, Yodabobobo interviewed our newly promoted Third in Command, Yas. Let’s take a look at how they feel about their new promotion!


How do you feel about your new rank?

Yodabobobo: First of all congrats on HCOM! How do you feel about your new rank?

yas: Thank you yoda!! Well, the thought being HCOM was quite scary while I was a mod but doing the real thing isn’t quite as scary as i thought – it’s actually super enjoyable. It’s a lot different to the work Officers generally do but learning new things is the beauty of it!! :smirkk~1:

Do you have any plans or goals as a member of HCOM?

yas: As of right now, not really! I’m still adjusting to the new duties and all – but I do hope to be a good member of HCOM, both now and in the future

Yodabobobo: I’m sure you’ll be a very good HCOM to work with

So as HCOM one of our duties is to lead events, in your time in RPF which events have been your favorite ones?

yas: Oh, this is a super hard question; I’d have to say the premier league tourney finals almost a year and a half ago :boomer: It’s just been ingrained in my memory due to it being my first battle and all!! The olympics have been pretty awesome too (phoenix, asterion and anaklusmos own!!)

Yodabobobo: Premier League finals was fun :Boomer:

Do you have any fun things you like to do outside of RPF?

yas: Oh yes!! I try touch grass but in all seriousness, it’s mostly school and rpf take up a large part of my time, I do a bunch of other stuff like listen to music (esp shoegaze) and spend time with irl friends regularly too. I recently got on the Student Council at my school too which is pretty dope too

Yodabobobo: ooh fun stuff

Do you have any advice for Rebels aspring to be staff in the future?

yas: yes!! just go for it 🙂 if you are wanting to be staff, that’s already one step done. The rest tend to follow on! (If you are a bit unsure about staff though – Cadet is a great rank for you to find out whether on not you’d like being an Officer :hehe~1:)

Yodabobobo: Cadet is very fun rank indeed!

Thank you so much for your time, do you have any final words?

yas: Thank you for the interview Yoda! I have one final message which is just keep trying – you never know where it will take you 🙂


To wrap up this edition, Yodabobobo had the pleasure of interviewing NoScope555, our latest edition to the Officer Cadet ranks! Read on to get to know our newest Officer Cadet better!

How do you like your new role?

Yodabobobo: First off congrats on Officer Cadet! How do you like your new role?

NoScope555: well, it’s both good and bad for me you know, going from “hey, lemme check promo form” to this! it’s not the same thing but the good side is, this is cool! more stuff to do

Yodabobobo: Facts Officer Cadet is a very cool rank, one of my favorites.

My next question is do you have any ranks you hope to be in the future?

NoScope555: tbh now idk, really not sure I hope to be as high as I can ofc, but you know how it goes sometimes

Yodabobobo: That’s a great mindset to have :smarties~1:

I know you have been in RPF for a bit, do you have any favorite memories?

NoScope555: well, being recruited! sadly, I can’t longer find who recruited me :/ but well, it was the start of all rpf memories! I was on the mountain, afking on my macbook on the left side and yeah

Yodabobobo: ooh that’s actually a cool place to be recruited!

I also know you’re into programming, do you have any cool projects you’ve made?

NoScope555: okay, I can’t remember this tho well, I’m the type of dev that does everything and nothing like, I have tons of unfinished and finished, not released projects I even had a project of something similar to club penguin

Do you have any advice for lower troops?

NoScope555: just… rank up – this rank is the gift for your patience and sometimes even hard work! idk about higher ranks, guess I will find out not so long since now but yeah, just feeling of this rank is the cool gift

Yodabobobo: Thanks for the interview NoScope!

Do you have any final words?

NoScope555: btw my question to you how do you feel that you was previously being interviewed and now you are interviewing?

Yodabobobo: It feels very epic

That’s all for this edition of Troop Interviews! Thanks for taking the time to read about our guests’ stories in RPF today. I hope you had fun and that you’ll keep your eyes peeled for the next occasion. Have a great day, rebels!

If you have any questions or would like to be interviewed by the interviewing team, DM one of these members: Yodabobobo, Yvng, Cracked, Guinz, Marie, or EmeraldGreen.

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