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Read on to catch up on the latest news and events from another week in the RPF.

You can check the latest edition of Tuxedo Times with the .tuxedotimes command!

—◊ Weekly Maxes and Averages ◊—

—◊ Maxes ◊—

AUSIA: 23 (5⇑)
EU: 15 (2⇓)
US: 15 (2⇑)

—◊ Averages ◊—

AUSIA: 18 (2⇑)
EU: 14 (1⇓)
US: 14 (1⇑)
Total: 15 (1⇑)

—◊ Weekly News ◊—

On Monday, we bid farewell to EmeraldGreen who retired from his position as Third in Command to focus on his upcoming college journey. Thank you Emerald for everything you’ve done for RPF, you will be dearly missed by many. We wish you the best in your IRL endeavors!

Our 263rd Troop of the Week is Omar5e4! Although joining very recently, he has proven to be the perfect candidate by remaining active throughout the week, attending events, and making people laugh with various memes and funny commentary. Don’t forget to congratulate Omar when you see him around!

The Rebel Broadcast Team published a new issue of their monthly Meme Column. Check it out here and relive funny moments from the month of August!

—◊ By the Numbers ◊—

How many rebels got promoted this week?

With a total of 5 new promotions, there were…

Major Generals
Officer Cadet

How many people have the Rebel Shenaningans role?

A total of 33 rebels have assigned themselves the Rebel Shenanigans role to be notified when we’re having an unscheduled break day event!

How many times was the .topic command used?

Rebel Bot has provided us with a good conversation starter 509 times this last week, and new topics are constantly being added.

—◊ Challenge of the Week ◊—

For this challenge of the week, Avril has created a memory card game! Click the image below to play.

DM princhi#2000 on Discord the solved puzzle for a prize of 1000 Rebel Cash!

—◊ Division Recap ◊—

—◊ Sunday ◊—


Max: 15
Avg: 14

Here, in RPF, we like doing casual events, as at this time! In Operation: Breaking Good, we logged onto Klondike dressed up as Walter White from the famous series: Breaking Bad. Throughout the event, we did smooth and clear tactics with references to the show! A totally successful operation. Click down if you want to know about this event!

Click here for the full report!

—◊ Tuesday ◊—


Max: 17
Avg: 16

Rebels love their puffles, and what better way to show them some appreciation than taking them along to Warzone as we wear the I Love My Puffle T-Shirts! With the rebels performing many loving tactics and formations during Operation: Love Puffles, I’m sure all the puffles were really feeling the love! Click below to read more about the event!

Click here for the full report!


Max: 15

Pizza is a common favourite food, and among the rebels, this is no different! To make sure everyone knew for sure, we waddled along to Ice Breaker wearing the I Heart Pizza T-shirt performing the cheesiest tactics and crisp formations! Afterwards, we got expressive and created our own pizzas to conclude! Great job rebels! Click below to read more about Operation: Pizza Maestros.

Click here for the full report!

—◊ Wednesday ◊—


Max: 15
Avg: 14

Hey there, rebels! For Operation: Frogatory, we logged on to Klondike. We dressed up as Kermit the Frog as we leapt around the island together and performed strong tactics and frog-tastic formations. Good job today for the completion of this successful Operation, rebels! Do click the link below to read more on this amazing event! 

Click here for the full report!

—◊ Thursday ◊—


Max: 16
Avg: 15

It’s time to go on an adventure! For Operation: Adventures in Exploration, Rebels logged onto Ice Breaker wearing the explorer outfit. They went around the island embarking on a nature-filled exploration through the jungle as they did many formations and tactics for a successful event! Be sure to click the link below to learn more about this exciting event!

Click here for the full report!

—◊ Friday ◊—


Max: 13

Rebels, ASSEMBLE! Not quite though. Rebels logged onto Warzone in their respective branch uniforms for a fun capture-the-flag branch battle! Navy dressed up in Captain America’s sleek suit while Air Force dressed up in Iron Man’s shiny armour! Operation: Civil War began with marvelous tactics and formations, then the rebels looked around the island for the other team’s flag! Click below to read more and find out who found the flag first!

Click here for the full report!

—◊ Saturday ◊—


Max: 23
Avg: 22

Hey there, Rebels! For Operation: Stop It, Get Some Help, we logged onto Battleground wearing our oh-so-snazzy RPF uniforms for a practice battle with our friends from Help Force! We did some creative tactics and clean formations and, though this was only a practice battle, we definitely looked like winners out there! Click the link below to read more about it!

Click here for the full report!

– Tuxedo Times Team: Avril, LittySkitty, tomatoeee, joseph, Moonlemur, EssAreTee, gianna, princhi and z3ming

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