Vet Spotlight: Brenatto

Have you ever seen someone with a purple name in chat and wondered who they are? Every RPF Veteran has a story, and this is the fifth edition of the Vet Spotlight column, where we take you back in time to tell the story of our esteemed veterans! Today, we’re telling you the story of a venerated and mysterious vetaran who retired more than a year and a half ago: Brenatto.

Brenatto, who has achieved the status of RPF Hero, and was a dedicated rebel achieving up to the rank of Second in Command.

Brenatto, RPF Rebel Yas, RPF Veteran Jacquardio, and former troop Patrick forming BTS (Bebel Tenguin Sederation), before and after a costume change, on May 30, 2020.

During CPRewritten’s Music Jam party in May 2019, Brenatto was recruited by RPF Rebel Wolves, who in turn was promoted to Head General (the Third in Command of the time) just two days later. While watching Wolves instruct another penguin on how to join RPF, Brenatto, who wanted to get out of their “social shell”, joined to hang out with other nostalgic Club Penguin players.

Some of their notable experiences in RPF include Operation: Boxed Up, Legends Cup X and Christmas Chaos X. They always found the anticipation to be quite exhilarating right before the judges announce room 1 of a battle, while the cursor is hovering over the map. What Brenatto most enjoyed, however, were the daily conversations and friendships they made.

Brennatto would quickly climb to the rank of General, reaching it by October 21, 2019, and remain at the rank for the next 7 months. In fact, they were planning to retire the very week they were promoted to Third in Command, on June 1, 2020. During the next 4 months Brenatto would excel as HCOM, and be swiftly promoted to Second in Command.

The promotion post depicting Brenatto’s promotion to Second in Command, on October 10, 2020.

A month after their promotion, Brenatto was awarded RPF Rebel. This announcement followed the conclusion of the Black Seas War against the Water Vikings, in which the uniformed AUSIA event max record was broken. Having proven themself as a strong and dependable HCOM, this momentous war victory was a fitting occasion for Brenatto’s enactment into the RPF Hall of Fame.

RPF Legend Cosmo awarding Brenatto the Hall of Fame status of RPF Rebel, on November 13, 2020.

They would take the informal title of “resident statistician” within HCOM, utilising spreadsheets and graphs to the fullest to support RPF behind the scenes. They enjoyed writing columns and editorial-style posts for the Rebel Broadcast team, and at different points led the team with Second in Command moon and RPF Rebel Yodabobobo.

One of their fond memories is the Pikachu vs Kermit branch battle, in which they took home the win for Air Force with about 10 fewer penguins than Navy, beating RPF Icon and Advisor F6sixer, whom they greatly respect as a leader.

An event picture from the Pikachu (Air Force) vs. Kermit (Navy) branch battle (Operation: Sesame Street Showdown), on August 23, 2020, which ended in an Air Force victory.

Brenatto and Second in Command z3ming enjoying a game of Find Four, on August 28, 2021, the evening before Brenatto retired.

With a final year of high school ahead, and a waning interest in RPF activities, Brenatto decided to retire on August 29, 2021. They recall it feeling like the right time to do so, after having solo-led Team Aegis in the Summer 2021 Olympics. For their significant contributions during their time in RPF, both publicly and behind the scenes, Brenatto was awarded RPF Hero status to properly accolade “the best Rebel Commander we never had”.

RPF Legend Crazzy awarding Brenatto the Hall of Fame status of RPF Hero, on November 13, 2020, subsequent to their retirement.

These days, Brenatto rejoins the RPF Discord server every now and then to check things out whenever they have free time. Who knows if and when they will again, so you may or may not catch them in chat someday!

Keep an eye out for more editions of Vet Spotlight in the future!

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