We Rise

For more context to the following, check out this post concerning the war declaration made by the Templars of Club Penguin.

Despite our assertions made in the post above, this evening CP Armies Administration ruled that TCP’s war declaration was valid, and that the timing of their accepted server transfer did not amount to a breach of terms. You’re free to make up your own mind based on the post above.😉

As for us, we stand by our assertions that the terms laid out in the original declaration were breached by TCP. If you’re in doubt about whether they would do such a thing, let’s take a quick look into the character of the army in question.

Content warning: Racial slurs, homophobia, hateful conduct

Speaks for itself. That being said, not exactly surprising considering this is the same Lord Pain who thought it appropriate to make comments such as…
Rivalry with other armies? Cool. Referencing genocide tactics? Not so much.

“Ok, that’s just one person.” Except…

Reference to Templars Leader Xing speaking in Voice Chat
Messages intended to give the impression of containing racist content, purely for shock value. Is this funny?

“But those are from last year!” Sure, but they were never deleted… seemingly because not much about the humour in TCP has changed…

Hilarious jokes here. 

Celebrating the LGBTQ community during Pride Month? Apparently not as important as declaring pride for the Templars – at a time when LGBTQ rights are under threat worldwide.

Interpret the above however you wish. After all, this is their conduct, I’m just sharing screenshots of it. 

Templars have spared nothing in mouthing off about RPF and BIA whenever and wherever they can.
You sure got us with that one…

When you… uhh… when exactly? Glad to know your 80% AFK penguin rate is being worked on though…
Especially considering that even when you show up with a horde of penguins to bother us at our event, our tactics still cover yours!
Sobbing rn…😢
True, big failure when TCP beat us in all those tournam- oh wait.

If he’s so bad at leading, why do you always follow us to our events? 🤔

Once again, you’re free to make your own mind up about what Templars of CP stand for. Either way, war is what they wanted.

So war is what they’ll get.

It’s time to show everyone that this is not what this community is about. This is not what this community should condone, nor stand for. Let’s put TCP in their place. If they aren’t to face consequences for breaching their own terms, there’s plenty of other things they’re in need of facing consequences for.

It’s time for that to happen.


If you strike at, imprison, or kill us, out of our prisons or graves we will still evoke a spirit that will thwart you, and perhaps, raise a force that will destroy you! We defy you! Do your worst!

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