Troop of the Week #85

Troop of the Week #85

In what was another amazing week for the Rebel Federation, nearly everyone in the army did a fantastic job. Whether it was during the action packed weekend, the 70+ US event on Tuesday and even the festivities of April Fools! There were many good nominees, just like last week, but the winner of the 85th Troop of the Week is….

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Howdy, rebels!

For today’s US event, we dressed up as cowboys and said howdy to the city folk of CPR and showed off our mighty fine lasso skills! We had great tactics and formations for this here event! Great job, wranglers! Yeehaw!

MAX: 54+



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Heya Rebels!

Today we logged on to Beanie for Operation: Igloo Raids. We all visited rebels’ igloos to get them two stamps, and made sure to do some tactics while we were there.

Great job to all who attended, comment your discord name and rank below!

Max: 40+

Ave: 37

~ Tactics ~

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Today we logged onto Zipline for our US event! Everyone wore the water wings item from the catalog and had an awesome time performing tactics and formations around the Club Penguin island!

Comment below with your name and rank if you attended today’s event!

MAX: 70+

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Operation: Go Green [AUSIA]

Hey Rebels!

Today we logged onto Blizzard for Operation: Go Green! We all wore the colour green and our hard hats, and performed great tactics around the island. Great job to everyone who attended!

MAX: 20+

AVG: 13

Comment with your name and rank below if you attended the event!

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Unscheduled Pookie Event

Hewwo Pookies!

Twoday we wogged onto Mashmewwo to get adwopted and find our mwommy bwut then we weawised dat we no need no mwommy we got eatofer so we wogged onto Ahsent becwoz we hurd aboot a twooba army but it waz dust won twooba so we adwopted hwim.

Pwease cwomment bewo if wu attendid!

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