The End of the Journey

The End

I stumbled upon RPF almost 2 years ago, not knowing what was in store for me. I didn’t  necessarily understand the concept of “Club Penguin armies” at first, so a lot of this was confusing. But as I stayed in RPF and chatted with more veterans, staff, and new people like me, I realized how rich the history is in this community. The game Club Penguin I usually associate with childhood memories, but now it definitely has a new mental connotation.

I joined RPF in June 2019, and was named Troop of the Week #101 a few weeks into being there. I thought that was pretty cool, since getting TOTW was competitive that summer. Olympics was happening around that time too, and I got put with probably the worst team to exist in Olympics history LOL. Team Yeehaw crashed and burned from day 1, but at least moon, icy, mari, a German man who shall not be named, and me kept up the damn TEAM SPIRIT… [[yee the good haw]]

Then a few weeks later, I reached the rank of Specialist, which was eligible to join “Strike Force”. Strike Force was an exclusive branch in RPF that had the ability to battle in tournaments, invasions, wars, and so forth (aka what armies actually do). My first SF event was some [fake] funeral for an RFCP troop, and by accident I did E8 instead of EU at the ceremony, and Liz yelled at me for puking at the kid’s funeral. Then a member of HCOM changed the E8 emote name to “crazzy” because of what I did LOL. Definitely was an experience.

About a month later, I received my first promotion into staff ranks. A lot of us were competing hard to get that Brigadier General spot, so when I hopped on Discord that day and saw I got bumped up to staff I was pretty hyped. All I gotta say is, Fall 2019 mods went through hell and back with some dumb sh*t going on LOL. Whether it was our bff DDAN, a mod purge, a talking stick, or the German man who [again] shall not be named, we all went through it together.

Weeks pass by and then I find myself at the rank of General, the highest rank out of the moderators. Like I said with Brigadier General spots being competitive, the same goes for General. All of us were working hard to reach HCOM, putting in our time as staff. For some it may feel like the glass ceiling that you’ll never break through, sitting at 4ic for a while, but as long as you demonstrate good work ethic and consistency, you’ll end up okay. From the drama and arguments, to battling in wars and tournaments together, to building friendships with people you never expected, being a moderator is a rollercoaster of emotions. I enjoyed my time as a mod, but was ready for the next step.

Here came the second week of December 2019, where I saw myself being promoted from General to Head General (now known as Third in Command). Moon and I got bumped up together, which was friggggggin awesome because me and moon are close friends. We got thrown into HCOM during Winter Olympics, and sometimes we’d get left to handle the tournament events by ourselves…….. (insert gif of that cat screaming). My beginning times as HCOM felt a bit rocky. We lost to ACP in a tournament final, our sizes were dropping, and we started to feel disconnected. Thankfully our Head Gens were active in the new generation of HCOM, looking to make changes and improve our community. F6 and I came up with the Officer Cadet concept of having junior staff, so they can be trained before entering the realm of moderating. Proud moment for both of us, since the system is still used and helps new members everyday. Then Ulti gave me an opportunity to lead some Strike Force training events, which I was more than eager to do. I was a bit worried about leading events, it felt strange compared to being a troop and just attending. Definitely getting the opportunity to lead RPF’s elite branch in training events and leading a practice battle against ACP (with Pookie and a little bit of Kolo) were great experiences. I started to lead more events, and it felt like I finally got into the swing of things.

Then comes March, where Ulti promoted me to Second in Command. Immediately I found more opportunities to lead battles and events. F6, Cosmo, and I led a tournament battle against Help Force in CPAM’s Premier League where we won 2-0-1 (TIE???????).  Post tournament, we entered a World War against ACP [and various others]. Even as a 3ic, I assisted Ulti with collecting information needed for our declaration of war, and now as a 2ic I had chances to lead during the war itself. I led RPF during our opening AUSIA invasion(s) against ACP, and then later on more important battles. I just remember we had the Defense of Tuxedo and getting a ping in #meeting from Ulti saying 2ics need to lead this battle (because him and Cosmo were unavailable). All of us were like O… ok! No pressure! I was nervous but felt like we needed to see some sort of leadership here, so I stepped up to help. It was wild seeing 118 of us logged on because sizes like that were almost unheard of on the CPR side, so commanding all of these people felt surreal. I led that victorious battle alongside some of my 2ics, F6 and moon, which was awesome. The war ended abruptly (insert eye roll emoji) and we parted ways from ACP, bound by a ceasefire. In May, a few of us were added to the Hall of Fame under by Ulti. Elex, Rocket, moon and I were all issued Rebel for various efforts within RPF. Ulti retired that same day, and we saw Cosmo rise to power as a solo Rebel Commander.

Beginning of June, I find myself being spam pinged in RPF and I wasn’t sure why. I check announcements and main chat to see I was promoted to Rebel Commander that evening. I was both excited and proud to receive the title of leader, since it almost felt like I’ve been through hell and back to get to this point (wary). But, hard work and dedication prevail through sh*tty people and situations, so my advice is just focus on your goals, don’t entertain the petty drama, and you will achieve great things.

Fast forward 7 months and here I am now. I’ve won 3 tournament titles, 3 wars, 100+ sizes almost every month since I started leading, and other CPA allocates. Legends Cup X we saw sizes up to 162 and 155, defeating all opponents that we were faced with. This was the first tournament in years where we saw all armies (from CPO and CPR communities) competing under the same roof. Fright or Fight in October we saw sizes up to 128, defeating ACP in the tournament finals. Then Christmas Chaos X, we again saw sizes up to 129 and defeated the Ice Warriors in the last round. As for wars, I came together with my co leader and various leaders from IW and DW to form a powerhouse alliance known as the Black Ice Alliance. We formed this alliance in response to DCP’s New Dawn Alliance that composed of DCP, ACP, LGA, and others. We successfully defeated the Doritos, and had a 150+ event on their capital, Summit. Then came a mini run in with RFCP. Cosmo and I published a post about what goes on in RFCP, and those who support RFCP are just as guilty. As a result we invaded all their owned land (hitting sizes up to 98), and anyone else’s land who tried helping them. Finally came the Black Seas War against the Water Vikings. Our declaration dropped against our former allies, and we successfully invaded their territories with ease (hitting sizes up to 87 with our AUSIA division). What a wild ride those tournament battles and war invasions were. It was pretty awesome having the title of Hero awarded to me by my co leader Cosmo, then to have Silverburg issue the both of us Icon later on in the year. Aside from RPF Hall of Fame titles or war battles, towards the end of 2020 I was honored with a few awards issued by the league & news media. First came the End of the summer awards, where I was voted Best Leader in CPAH, alongside other RPF staff who also won awards. Then came December where the CPA 2020 Legends were announced, and I saw Regan, Csy, Ayan and myself on the list. Last award of the year, the Person of the Year (POTY), where I was selected out of numerous media heads and army leaders to win this title. Along the way I also was issued best allied leader from IW and DW, Best Advisor in CPAH, and also was nominated for biggest Limephobe by LGA :*.

(hah regan sucks, by 1 vote)

The awards I’ve received don’t mean nearly as much as the people I’ve met along the way. As tacky as that sounds, I’ve met a lot of amazing people that I’ll keep in touch with after I depart from RPF. Each person I’ve interacted with has taught me something, big or small, and I will keep it in mind as I move forward in my future. But let me take the time to thank some people who’ve made a difference to me in my time here:


Cosmer you’ve been through it all with me and I wouldn’t have wanted to lead with anyone else. Through thick and thin, we prevailed. Thank you for being understanding, patient, helpful, and making me laugh when I needed it most. You’ve taught me so much along the way, and we’ve combated a lotta dumb sh*t together. I know you always have my back and I have yours, and I’ll miss being your co-leader. <:gasp: emote gc> LOL N


Thank you for recruiting me into this amazing community. Even if it felt like you were following me around in game and telling me to join your Ponzi scheme Discord. I didn’t expect the community to be this massive, let alone how in depth it is, but I thank you for that. Also it was fun af to be a mod and HCOM with you, and get HOF together. From Box Critters to those crackhead random VCs in Command Room, I’ll always value our friendship. Love u always racuzzzzzzzzi.


ohhhh maaaa gad yammitha. I still can’t believe we became really good friends in July 2019 because of some dumb sh*t like Oasis LOL. My lovely cancer WIFE (please do not cry) who I’ve been married to since September 2019… in your decorative igloo. I’ll never forget removing you from the Mentoring Fun Time group chat because you got promoted to HCOM LOL, such a proud mentor moment. You’ve become one of my best friends here and I’m more than grateful for you. We’ve been through a lot of weird moments throughout our time on here, and here’s to many more. :)))


Icy my luv. I’m so glad I became friends with you around the same time as yams. We did it all together, going through the ranks and dealing with weird officer bs during Fall 2019. I love that I can always come to you for advice or reassurance, and you constantly support me. Thank you for being an amazing friend throughout all this! <3 Also shout out to the people who thought your Angelina Jolie pfp was you LOL.


waddup b !!!! Finally you can get your vet role and we can retire :coolsunglasses:. Jk but honestly I’m so glad you joined RPF around the time icy, yams and I were there because we became an unstoppable squad ever since. BBH & Redacted [tm] will live on even after all of us are out of RPF. Thank you for being my resident astrologist, my tough-love advice giver, my Minecraft bud, and most importantly thank you for being such a great friend. Love you lots lime-a-rita. But also FNYM!!!!!!!!


WHAT IT DO BAYYYBEEEEEEEEEEEE. My OG homie from the start of RPF. No matter what, we never held back from roasting the sh*t out of someone or messing around in VCs. From the MAFA days to when you left and joined ACP (and LGA, and PIC, and so forth…) you’ve been my dawg no matter what. Even though I’ll be retired, I’m still down to hop on vc and initiate flame bros on whoever who joins us. Love u lots Manu. :drog: [y ur nails DURTY?]


another one of my dawggggggs. To think, the first time we actually spoke was because I sent you my Pizzatron scores for Summer Olympics [and we won’t talk about what the pictures had on it]. I always thought you were a cool dude even back when I wasn’t staff. I’m so glad to have a friend like you throughout all this. You’ve really watched me go from a noob Recruit to retiring at Rebel Commander, which is surreal to me. You’ve been an impactful advisor, and an even better friend. I love that I can go to you about anything and we have a long ass convo about random sh*t most of the time. I know we’ll keep in touch after we’re both outta here and doing big thangs, so I’m grateful for that. CHEESUZ


skaburgggg. You’ve been such an amazing mentor and advisor, and I can’t say I’d be here right now if it wasn’t for you. From the times where we’d sit and talk on the phone about war strategies or random unrelated sh*t, you’ve always been a good friend to me. I know I can hit you up whenever and we can roast people or vent about sh*t that bothers us, and I’m happy to have you as that outlet. When the time came where I was promoted to RC, and you (and other awesome advisors) had my back throughout all the bs. Your advice means a lot to me, and I’m glad that I’ve had you as an advisor and close friend this whole time.


Monke. I’m so glad that I’ve become close friends with you during my time as RC. You’re my go-to for formulating important ideas and plans. You’ve been stellar with all things war related (even those annoying ass loopholes) and also have give genuine advice for other personal situations. Thank you for being a great dude, a dope advisor and a funny asf friend. TURNIPS ???? (srs))


<insert the fat pop emote>. I always saw you as a man of a few words, since whenever you did speak it was something important. Then when I became RC, I realize that you’re one of the best people to mess around with. I’m glad we became closer friends over time and I honestly appreciate all the useful insight you’ve provided me. I value your input on situations because you’re straight up and blunt. Also you’re annoyin asF to play Among Us with.. “it was crazzy I saw her vent” headass


Ulit, qtpenguinj, zenith ;[[[[. You were a dope RC when I was a troop, mod, and even HCOM. I learned a lot from you and how you handled different situations. You were a great role model to have before I entered my time as leader. Aside from that, you’re a chill dude and I’m glad I could beat you in Smash [sometimes, maybe you let me win idk] with the Mii Brawler Side B. [[fry dat chimkin]]


:sadcri: !!! moon my Gemini b*tch ass. We really went through the ranks together, from the bottom up. I remember in the summer when you gave me advice about how to get TOTW LOL. Deadass it was so competitive that summer and I don’t know why. We became mods together then HCOM together, and it’s been a mf wild ride. The HEADACHES but also the roasts in our DMs were the best ever LOOOL. You always understand where I’m coming from and I understand you [maybe it’s the Gemini in us]. Leading an Olympics team with you back to back was also so funny and so amazing. Team Phoenix deserved better but at least we have a slide show and a playlist HOOOOF HOOOOOF. Love u lots and lots, I know you’ll do great things in RPF and beyond that.


garfield ginger mf!!! I’m so glad that we became close friends over the past like… 19 months. We understand each other on same level when it comes to decision making and handling situations. I always know that I can go to you for advice or reassurance or even to simply rant in your DMs LOL. You’ve been there for me through thick and thin, always helping when you can. You’ve become such a good friend of mine, and I will genuinely miss you. I know you’ll do amazing things for RPF in the future, and we’re lucky to have you. [[edating?? bad!!]]

Milly, Panini, Amoji, Ash, Rane 

My KK babes <3. I love you all tremendously and you guys have been an amazing support system for almost a year now. Milly you went from being my first mentee (alongside Yammie and Icy), to becoming a kick ass Second in Command and landed in the Hall of Fame. Panini, I remember we became friends when I was still a 3ic and you were a smol new Recruit. We bonded over music and other random personal sh*t and I’m so glad to have you in my life. Amoji …. you called me a hoe when I didn’t even know who you were and I was close to kicking you because I thought you were a troll LMFAOOOOOOO. Anyway, you’re an amazing friend and a great asset to our HCOM. I’m glad to have you and your skills in our staff team. ASH <3 my Sagittarius luv. I know you have my back and I have yours, we’d go break someone’s car windows with a bat if we needed to. Thank you for being a great outlet to talk to. SHOTS???? and finally RANE BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. It’s kinda surreal that we’ve been friends for almost 2 years LOL. You’re hilarious as fack and always a good time to be around. Thank you for being you Rane <3.

Black Ice Alliance Leaders & Staff

We wouldn’t have done this without you guys. Shout out to: Madhav, Flamez, Regan, Icey, Ben, Shinde, Alex, Orange, Erick, Law, Noa, Freezie, Spi, Julia, Megs, Spotty (also obviously Cosmo, Perry, Silv, Pop, and Cheese). This alliance is an empire. Also don’t mention o*d l*mbag* or I will remove your kneecaps.

(yes icey i’m up)

Pookie Koloway

You’re both dummies but also 2 of my closest friends. You’ve both seen me progress through RPF and even in CPA, from a new Recruit to finishing off at RC. Pookie I remember when we became friends summer 2019 and later you became my staff mentor.  After that I feel like we just meme’d on everyone and the rest is history. Kolo, I remember we became friends mutually through Pookie, Ulti and etc. and I thought you were a funny dude. Minus the times where you and brown would terrorize RPF main chat at 3am everyday LOL. Since then, you’ve always given me great advice and input on important decisions. Thank you both for everything. :quaint:

Now there’s a lot of others I want to thank, and I’m sorry if I miss anyone :/

Brenatto, F6 (beep boop bop), Wolves, Penho, Redweeb, Junie, Commando, Twitchy, Redd, Liz, Sarah, Shark, Steax, Chaos, Mac, Star, Cassie, Avril, Lanie <3, Link, Royal, Z3m, Jae, Princhi, Reeee, woogs, Yas, Yip, Jacq, mars, Missy, Sharki, Speedy, Yvng, Cracked, Guinz, yo gal, abby, heather, Jimmy, Honda, Watts, ALL OF <REDACTED> [trademark], ALL OF KK <LICKEY LICKING>, Nicwin, Eva, Dolan, Brownboy, Tulia, Kiki, Mari, Danielle, Maid, Violet, Lynn, Alex, Mishka, Yuli, Panini [IW], Kaliee, Mare, Oli, Aubz,  Homies over at CPAH Staff (Mchappy, Funks, Julia, Csy, Max, Flen, Zamb), Amelia (VIVA LFA), Rhom (ty for paying for my spotify premium), QueenElsa13 (IKAQ LEGEND!!!!!!), DDAN (miss u), KING OF NORWEYYYY aka Rai <3, ARFCPTLADAASTESR, anyone who’s bought me nitro :*, the lovely lads over at TGH who tell me to retire on the reg, Prior (for hooking me up with Minecraft), all 60+ joey alts, insecure men, djungelskog, and honestly all the amazing troops, veterans, and staff I’ve met over the past 19 months. 

I know this post is long asf but to finish it off, here’s a bunch of memories that I wanted to share (in no particular order):

and my personal favorite:

There are endless amounts of pictures and memories that’d love to share, but instead I’ll just hold them close to me after I part from here. To my co-leader Cosmo who stuck by me always, I thank you. To my advisors who were my hype men and always had my back no matter what, I thank you. To my HCOM both past and present, aka the backbones of this army, I thank you. To my mods and cadets who are kicking ass with recruiting and keeping RPF alive, I thank you. To all the veterans who I’ve befriended and given me valuable insight, I thank you. And now, to all my troops who support RPF everyday and continue to make this community amazing, I thank you. I’ll be taking a break post retirement, so don’t be surprised if I’m not on Discord and chatting. You all will do great things in the future!

Fight the good fight.

-Crazzy, Former Rebel Commander


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