On April 30th 2020, in the throes of World War Rewritten, then-leader Ultipenguinj announced that the RPF had formed an alliance with Help Force
This alliance was to last throughout the following months without incident. We faced Help Force in many tournaments without any conflict arising. However, in December 2020, Help Force announced the following:

Though we generally have the policy that our allies are free to ally with whomever they chose, the choice of the Doritos of CP as an ally – an army who had been particularly abusive to RPF and our leadership – stung, with our faith in Help Force as loyal allies being damaged. Read here for details of DCP’s treatment of RPF.

Nonetheless, we gave Help Force the benefit of the doubt as DCP ceased operations as an army shortly after, and as their alliance with them did not interfere with our relations with either army.

This changed, however, in light of recent events. Following the verdict of the two March Madness Semifinal battles, accusations of bias and “rigging” of the battles were rife. Help Force staff and members were not shy about suggesting that RPF, and our allies the Ice Warriors, had colluded to damage the battle’s integrity.

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The lack of trust in our integrity, from a supposed ally, was disappointing, and confirmed our fears, the seeds of which had been planted when Help Force chose to make certain alliances in December. The implication that the RPF would encourage bias with regards to any tournament undermines our principles as an army.

In particular, animosity toward Paddy, an RPF member who happened to be judging the Help Force-Ice Warriors battle, was a recurring theme. The judgements levelled at RPF over his participation as a judge of the battle wholly disregarded that RPF was not only an ally of Ice Warriors, but an ally of Help Force, too.

As these events have shown, Help Force no longer appears to hold us in regard as an ally of their army.

With that, the Rebel Penguin Federation’s alliance with the Help Force has officially ended.


If you strike at, imprison, or kill us, out of our prisons or graves we will still evoke a spirit that will thwart you, and perhaps, raise a force that will destroy you! We defy you! Do your worst!

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