Meme Column #17 – July 2022 (War Edition)

Welcome to the 17th edition of the Meme Column! Get ready for a special war edition of us recapping all the funny trends and moments RPF Discord server. We’re covering all the crazy things that happened in our war this past month of July, and there were many!

Templars Declare War

Despite accepting server transfers the same minute as their war declaration, which specifically prohibited server transfers, this month saw a war against the Templars of Club Penguin ensue, packed with 10 battles. You can read our initial response to their declaration here, and another post if you want to learn more about the character of the Templars here.

Elsa’s Ban

A few minutes after our second battle of the war, Elsa, a Templars HCOM, decided she had a bone to pick with RPF because she didn’t like some roast tactics towards her. Consequently, as you can see, F6 ratioed her out of this world.

3am EDT Battle

Rather unwisely, the Templars thought that if they attacked at night, we would all be asleep. To their surprise, rebel troops showed up in great numbers, in fact maxing an impressive 39 for such an unusual hour, and you can read the event post here. Naturally, our troops showed much more determination to protect our land than their roblox recruits showed to take it.

Templars Max 3 at AUSIA Battle

By Tuesday, it was clear the Templars had given up, because not only did they max 3 penguins at the final battle of the war, but they signed our peace treaty later that day.

Another RPF Victory

This one speaks for itself, we won the war and it’s time to celebrate yet another RPF victory. We even did so with a victory event, and you can see the post about the end of the war and treaty here.

Elsa Sent Back to the Dungeon

Seems like Elsa divulged some information she wasn’t supposed to about how the Templars broke their own war terms (again)! Good thing Xing was there to send her back to her quarters.

Thanks for checking out this month’s memes and comical occurences. Stay tuned for next month, and we’ll cover all the wild occurences that occur this August!

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