As a chad once wrote on Wikipedia, “OK is an English word denoting approval, acceptance, agreement, assent, acknowledgment, or a sign of indifference.” Now I don’t know who exactly wrote this, but I agree, or should I just say Ok. Ok, let’s get on with this masterpiece post.

Welcome to my latest RBT editorial where I will be discussing my retirement! Yes it is time for that random orange named Star Wars pfp dude you see in chat to finally change colors and get injected with vet syndrome

I never expected the game Club Penguin to have such an impact on me at this stage of life but here we are after more than 2 years of pounding my E key (which is surprisingly intact), it’s time to say goodbye to the world of fighting penguins and big word bubbles(@@@@ @@@@@@ @@@@ @@@@@@ @@@@ @@@@@@ @@@@ @@@@@@ @@@@ @@@@@@ @@@@).

Now you may wonder how I even got here and I blame Cowbelly TikTok, as that led me into looking up Club Penguin on Google. That’s how I found Club Penguin Rewritten in February 2020, right in the middle of the 2020 Puffle Party. I did a lot of trolling and ended up getting banned not once, but THREE times. I played on and off after that until I ended up running into a pizza-tossing penguin in the Marshmallow Pizza Parlor on March 7th, 2020, just a week before lockdown. 

I don’t remember actually being recruited much but the words “rebel cart surfer” remained in my browser history. I managed to end up in a Discord server, the 5355th member to be exact. After answering some questions, I was set up to enter the Rebel Penguin Federation. After a few days I came to attend my first event. Shortly after, the infamous COVID lockdown hit and that’s when things kicked into gear. 

When I started my journey, I was a big troll in chat and ended up getting muted many times for my shenanigans. Regardless, each week I made sure to attend as many events as I could and recruit on CPR a good amount to get promoted. I would make it to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel before an occurrence would cause me to retire to Visitor. After some encouragement from some people, I would rejoin the next day as Master Sergeant and from there my journey only went up. 

Troop days were cool I guess. Lockdown days always had exciting and hectic chats. Boxed Up (my first large event) with 178 max, Premier League Finals(especially the Hidden Lake), the Pizza Event which we broke AUSIA records at, Bebel Tenguin Sardines (and our strong shoreline formation) during the closure of CPATG, Legends Cup X, Team Terra were all stuff I experienced during this time. It’s mostly pretty generic memories that staff of that time experienced, but eh it was pretty exciting. I won a contest or something and that was pretty swag.

Just a band of ragtag Bebel Tenguin Sardines (no HCOM or Officers in sight) battling against some armies

In Late August I got Officer Cadet, which was very exciting and one of my most defining RPF events. All the doots in my squad were very cool even though you all ditched me. Playing Minecraft, Quackdets, and the Snails was all quite an experience. A highlight was “a godly” set of friends. 

The best part of being a Cadet was getting Troop of The Week. It was a great honor being TOTW 162 and having the chance to send a speech in announcements. That Monday after getting TOTW, I was promoted to Brigadier General, which was very cool cause I got to take the first steps as an Officer with a Pink Name

Being a Greenie was such a vibe. I got the chance to be a part of the RPF Staff team with a ton of different HCOM and other Officers. Over my officer days, there are a ton of memories I could list off such as Fright of Fright (CRUSH THOSE CLOVERS), CCX, AUSIA week, Anniversary Week, and The Water Dojo. It was fun getting to call the Major Gens noobs as well. Writing posts for Rebel Broadcast Team and helping to plan many of the PPC events was also a vibe. You can read some of my RBT posts that I am particularly fond of writing here, here, here, and here

On July 5th, 2021, I decided to go mow the lawn and when I came back I got this new role called Third in Command, which was very cool. My original rank goal was Lieutenant General but here I was somehow HCOM and I still do not know how tho. Being able to be a part of LCXI stuff, planning Summer Olympics (Team Aegis Owns), and leading Rebel Broadcast Team with Brento & moon was epic stuff. A month after I got the promo, I got to travel to India for a few weeks and I had the privilege of serving as a temporary AUSIA HCOM. Attending LCXI battles at that time was painful so huge respect for all of you AUSIA people who attend events.

A few months later I was eating chicken nuggets at school donning my LOLZ pfp and my name suddenly changed orange as I got promoted to Second in Command in October. 2ic? I think yes. I honestly did not expect to be promoted to 2ic in 3 months but here we have been chilling ever since. Winning CCXI and AUSIA Arena was very epic. I enjoyed leading Team Orcus during Winter Olympics as well even if we didn’t win. In January 2022, I also was privileged to receive RPF Rebel on the Hall of Fame and that was pretty lit. Sadly during my time as 2ic, we said bye suddenly to CPR rip my Yodabobobo account with 200+ stamps and all the mascot BGs I wasted time meeting.

While I’ve done a fair amount in RPF, I also spent some time in some RF Divisions. My biggest feat was that I got to found and lead an 900+ member division that I shut down earlier this year but shout out to everyone who helped out and was a member of Rebels Among Us/Rebels Arcade Ultimate

Well RPF has been an experience and I definitely have learned a ton of important skills and knowledge. Its been a wild ride filled with a ton of fun, but its time to put this life story to a close.

Now that you have read my long work of art, time for a shout-out to all the people that have been influential in my time:

Ulti: Great Ultipenguinj thank you so much for recruiting me into RPF that Saturday in March 2020! I owe my whole career to you. In addition, thank you for all your guidance in helping get RAU started up.

reeeeee: Thanks for being one of my first friends as Staff! From the snails to Amogus, I enjoyed rising up to Lieu Gen with you. If you read this you are the biggest bed wars sweat and a big noob 100%. Also thank you for that maid skin that I will never wear


Dill: Thanks for being one of my first friends in RPF and showing me how things worked such as Rebel Cash. Was sad to see you be dead for many months but your return was honestly one of my Top 10 moments in RPF.

Rai: Yu are a very gud frend. I remember when yu make me youtube video + when yu sing country roads in vc to me during class. Yu are very cool person + funny. I hope yu are having nice summer vacation and am sorry for retire while yu are on vacation

z3: Very epic individual good sir. I greatly enjoyed chatting about Star Wars things with you. Alors on danse is a great recommendation and it was cool being promoted to 2ic avec toi. Voici un cadeau: 

Marie: It was great to become friends with you through RPF and get to play MC or CODM with you. I really hope you enjoyed our mentor meets both during cadet and officer

yo gal: Based fellow South Indian. I am proud to be a Cute Boy for 2 years thanks to your greatness. Please bring back the italics someday furryslayer666 and become Rebel Commander.

Sharki: Your mom is very cool. Will never forget that gc with our iconic friends fr. Also thank you for ze insta caption help. 

Mars: Thank you for opening the RPF to the world of minions. We have truly benefited from these amazing creatures. But you’re a cool person and it was very nice to get cadet with you. You’re still a traitor for switching from Navy to Air Force

F6: Thanks for being my mentor through my officer journey and helping me to get to HCOM! Your feedback and advice have greatly helped me to improve myself throughout my time in RPF. Was also a pleasure serving as HCOM under your command and snagging some RPF dubs

Moonlemur: Best of luck with the rest of your RPF journey my friend. Was a pleasure mentoring you for the past few months.

Guinz & Soup: It was a great pleasure to recruit both of you to RPF and see you guys grow all the way up to Officer Ranks.

jjsnowflake, rosiee, Essjay: Thank you for helping carry RAU alongside of me, fellow Legends/Admins! Yall were very OP.

RUSTEZE41: KACHOW! I forgive you for all your shenanigans you did to the server but good luck with all your busy life activities and hope to see you around

Crazzy(Rebel Fricking Commander), Cosmo(Sofa King), Elex, Link, moon(Sorry for watching you pee but pleasure leading RBT with ya), Yvng(Down with BEARDANCE & Yvng emotes), Jae(Carrier of AUSIA), Princhi(pro in hi), Yas (March 2020 gang), Cracked(shut up Whoops my potty mouth came out), Emerald(Applebruh rights), Lance(ty for SMP), Maggie, perry(blesser of announcements), Alienn(okey), Brento(🕵️), Lanie(Stream Sunflower Baby), Tad(OP Cadet Mentor), Paddy (OP Duo Singer), Jacquardio(Negotiation Station), Drax(10/10 Statuses and Snaps), Jimmy(🐐), Mycydric(thanks for blessing us with memes), YaBoiMac(Coolest Vet and major props for dealing with your brother), woogs(yeets), steax, Rocket(Still remember the 21st), Yip, Eskild, Cheese(Sorry for stealing your brand), Milly, Amoji (ty for all the RC Flip cash), Panini (Pun Knee Knee the OG Rank Buddy), Brad(Nose), Royal (you’re sus), Cat, Star, Redweeb, Commando(based man fr), Owl(insane builder), Lotte(ducky), esh(plz get more sleep), ShaShaurya, Crimson (Enjoyed playing Minecraft with you good sir), agent(ty agent), erik_jjj (Fortnite & Clash homie), blu29h(Brother Blu), Pedro(what does the fox say), NoScope555(No), yoshi, pizza, cuddles, Vinayak(Chad), Bob Rees (W Podcasts & Based Dude), BuddyBoyJenkins & Big Bradster 69420 (Thanks for all the RC guys), Cool Penguin(thanks for recruiting for me)

Here are also a few memories:

Had to stay up way too late for that Veggie Tales trend

RPF Prom gone too soon

Quite a Revolutionary Move

Really Interrupting my Bed War Time 😠

This is the initiator of ۩͇̿V͇̿I͇̿P͇̿۩ GบccᎥ ۩͇̿V͇̿I͇̿P trend speaking

This was the only time I was late to class that year (Only by one minute🤫)

Most epic karaoke ever & an unfortunate ping

Coincidence that the original replied message was exactly a year old that day?? I think not

First Person to hit 100 Roles in RPF Legitimately

That means you

Also here’s a quick song to celebrate or mourn this moment

Remember that King Yoda Is Immortal & YOURMOM YOURMOM YOURMOM YOURMOM YOURMOM YOURMOM YOURMOM YOURMOM & LOLZ Supremacy & Applebruh Supremacy & RAH RAH RAH & Navy Owns & Fight The Good Fight

This is Yodabobobo, a former Recruit, Private, Private First Class, Lance Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant, Master Sergeant, Specialist, Scout Medic, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Visitor, Master Sergeant Part 2, Specialist Part 2, Scout Medic Part 2, Captain Part 2, Major Part 2, Lieutenant Colonel Part 2, Colonel, Officer Cadet, Troop of The Week, Brigadier General, Major General, Lieutenant General, General, Treasure Hunter, Third in Command, and Second in Command, and now the newest RPF Veteran signing off.


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