Sic Semper Tyrannis: Declaration of war against the Templars

Good afternoon everyone, over the past few months our army has faced slander and vitriolic comments, at the hands of an army we’ve had neutral relations with – The Templars of Club Penguin (TCP). Continue reading for more information.

After getting banned in the Club Penguin Army Network league due to their use of despicable behavior, TCP have been openly hostile to RPF in spite of RPF not being involved in the war in any capacity whatsoever. In a recent interview, Xing openly called RPF and our brother allies “Corrupt and power hungry”.

Xing insinuating that RPF, under Elex and my administration is the most corrupt army in the CPA community

Let’s dive into this a bit shall we? I’ve been in RPF since March of 2019, Elex for even longer, and we’ve been to war quite a few times since then – most notably against the Recon Federation of CP, Doritos of CP and the Army of CP. The overarching reason behind all these wars is the same – RPF will fight to defend its honor no matter the cost! RPF hasn’t declared on any army in recent memory that hadn’t abused RPF‘s good nature or slandered it and its leadership/troops. Let’s contrast that with the Templars. TCP has gone to war innumerable times in the last 6 months alone all because “not having wars is boring”. That’s their right, but most of these wars have been against smaller armies like Silver Empire and SWAT who aren’t as equipped to defend themselves against a major army like TCP. TCP recently attempted to declare war on our brother allies for similar reasons too. If this isn’t “power hungry” behavior, then I don’t know what is.

TCP has also managed to lose all of its battles against true major armies like IW/RPF (while claiming victory lol) and I strongly believe that they choose to attack small armies as a coping mechanism. Truly, TCP that is so sad. All in all,  these hypocrites attack other armies just to boost their own fragile egos while making statement that couldn’t be further from the truth.

TCP has been able to freely reign their brand of tyranny on armies all while slandering RPF and its allies for far too long. That ends today,

The Rebel Penguin Federation hereby declares war on the Templars of Club Penguin.

War Terms
  1.  This is a head on war between the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Templars of Club Penguin (1v1), no other armies shall intervene in this war.
  2. No Allies/Alliances nor colonies allowed (or any external help whatsoever).
  3. Colonies of either army (and colonies of any other armies either allies, neutrals, enemies) are not allowed in this war, meaning colonies of any army cannot either invade or declare war on RPF and TCP until the war is over or a treaty is reached.
  4. No dual enlistment assistance (from any army either allied, neutral or even enemies).
  5. No server transfers (neither army shall send nor receive servers from any other army either allied, neutral, or enemies) after this declaration until the war is finished or a treaty is reached.
  6. No multilogging, doxxing, or ddosing of any sort.
    1. Any evidence of suggested multilogging, botting or dual enlistment/use of allies/an alliance/colonies/armies merged after this declaration will result in an instant defeat of the aggressor in the battles where said evidence would be found.
  7. All battles must be judged by CPAN officiated judges. CPAN rules of invasions and defense will apply to all battles in this war.
  8. All invasions must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance, and the planner of said invasions must notify the defending army’s leaders in the invasion-schedule channel in CPAN. Failure to do this will render the invasion invalid.
  9. No army can merge/colonize into TCP nor RPF after this declaration (until this war is over) and the merger will be deemed invalid. If members of said merged army decide to participate, the battle will result in the unconditional surrender of the aggressor.
  10. Any loopholes found in this treaty abused by either army in their favor (facilitating use of allies, multilogs, any external help or the transfer of servers owned by TCP and their colonies (to or from) any other armies) will cause in the unconditional surrender of the aggressor thus losing the entire war.
  11. The losing army in this conflict must accept the terms of a treaty imposed by the winning side.
  12. No invasions can be scheduled by either side for Christmas Eve (Dec. 24th) or Christmas Day (Dec. 25th) – Eastern Standard Time will be used to determine the start and end of these days.
  13. No side may make alterations to these war terms during the course of the war by any means whatsoever. Attempting to do so will result in automatic defeat of that side
  14. No side is allowed to drop their servers as free land during the course of the war, doing so will result in unconditional defeat (for the side which dropped servers) and those servers will go to the opposing side.
  15. Invasions once scheduled may not be rescheduled by either side.
  16. No running from this war 🙂

Templar’s disrespect to our army and allies will no longer go unnoticed. The Rebel Penguin Federation will emerge victorious in this feat over the Templars as we continue to fight for what’s right. Elex and I have just 3 words for TCP – Sic Semper Tyrannis!


Elexonck, Rebel Commander

F6sixer, Rebel Commander



Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat

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