Hello again, Rebels! The Club Penguin News Team is back for the final Get Jet guide: Mission 4! Today, we’ll be walking you through how to complete the mission, as well as all of items you can receive from it. We hope you enjoy and let’s get started! 

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Mission 4 

You guys know what to do first – grab that free item from the folder on the top right. For this mission, we get the sturdy jacket. 

This mission starts outside of the mysterious cave behind the river in Mission 3. If you completed Chapter 3 and still can’t enter the cave, you may have to fish again for the key. Once there, head inside and hold down the arrow that points to the right

Soon, you’ll see a mysterious bunch of fur. We all know what PSA agents do: grab clues! 

Once you agree to picking up the fur, you’ll see the inside of the cave. To the left, there’s a cage with three slabs of wood and two bars. In order to free Jet Pack Guy and the penguins inside, we’ll need to remove them by clicking on them.

Now that those are gone, a subtitle appears that we’ll need something sharp to cut the actual cage. Click on your spy phone and then the red blinking light. A pair of scissors will appear – these will do the job great! 

Once the cage is cut, Jet Pack Guy and the penguins will fly out of the cave. “Great work, Agent.” Jet pack Guy says.

Time for our rewards! Below is everything you can collect for completing this mission – including the adorable puffle from previous chapters. Well deserved, Agents! 

And with that, the Club Penguin Legacy: Get Jet Mission has come to an end! Thank you and huge congrats to everyone who completed each and every part with us – we hope they helped a tremendous amount! Stay tuned for future parties and possibly more missions to come! 

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