2022 RPF Year in Review

Hello Rebels, and welcome to the 2022 edition of the very special RBT Year Review, where my fellow RBT Reporters and I have gathered this past eventful year into one post for you all to read and look back on! It has been a very long year so there’s lots to see. From some large Battles, to changes in the HCOM team, In-Server-Parties and lots more! So sit back, grab your EO popcorns and enjoy the ride as we take a look at the happenings of this year!:Popcorn:

Army Community

Map Updates

With the new CPA Map coming into place, lots happened as the USRPF was reborn! In the CPA Map, each army starts with 5 servers, and lots of Freeland is scattered across the map. The armies must then perform invasions on said Freeland to gain more servers. Armies can also get more land during wars from invasions of other armies servers, or by server transfers. With that in mind, let’s check out the USRPF Map History!

First invasion (Ascent)

  • Beginning 5 servers – Tuxedo, Great White, Alaska, Chinook and Crystal
  • July (Pre-War) – Gained Glacier, Beanie, Sleet, Arctic, Deep Snow, Parka, Aurora and Ascent
  • Summer Sovereign War (RPF v TCP) – Gained Northern Lights, Alexandria, Rome and Cairo from Templars
  • August (Post-War) – Server amount reaches 25 from invading Yeti, Flurry, South Pole, Big Foot, Snow Globe, Walrus, Sunset and Citrus City, while SWAT transfers Ice Cold to RPF
  • Ice warriors departure from the Map – IW transfers Shiver, Polar, Rocky Road, Fjord, White Out, Matterhorn, North Pole, Snowmobile, Ongodica, Dry Ice, Husky, Sparky and Gotham to RPF, and RPF invades Wano from Strawhats
  • All WV servers dropped as Freeland – RPF Gained Snowflake and Omelette
  • TCP Breaks War Treaty – RPF is given all of TCP’s servers, bringing RPF’s server total up to 88

Map just before being reset (black represents RPF territory)


The map was reset closely after we gained Templars land and each army had to start fresh.

Summer Sovereignty War (RPF vs TCP)

A large war broke out on the 20th of July, as the Templars of Club Penguin declared war upon RPF following rejected practice battle requests and unfounded accusations that were made against staff members of CPLegacy, which the RPF had been using. However the war didn’t start very smoothly, as RPF believed there were flaws to TCP’s war declaration, and this this post was made regarding the issue. Closely after the CPA Admins deemed the declaration valid, and another post was made by RPF to prepare troops for war.

The war began with 4 invasions all within 14 hours of each other. 2 Defences and 2 Invasions.

The war began with a 3-0-1 lead in favour of RPF (RPF-tie-TCP)

There were then another 2 Invasions and Defences on the next day;

RPF successfully defended and invaded in each event, bringing war standings to 7-0-1 in favour of RPF. Meanwhile, TCP were far behind, however the war waged on, and 2 more battles took place.

The war came to an abrupt end in an RPF victory (9-0-1) after the final Invasion of Rome, where only 3 members of TCP attended, and a treaty was formed with both sides agreeing to its terms.

RPF Victory Terms

 Tournaments and Battles

2022 was a very eventful year when it comes to major battles, as we not only participated in no less than 4 tournaments, we also heroically fought against the Templars in a war to be remembered. Read here about it all!

  • Our first tournament of this year was Ausia Arena where we fought WV, Templars and IW! Maxes: 44, 50, 57. Read all about it here!
  • Next up in March was of course March Madness, fighting against ACP and IW. Maxes: 47, 51. Read the result here!
  • Summer came with the Summer Sovereignty War, declared by the Templars. We had many battles and impressive maxes, so check out our post about it!
  • In October, we had Legends Cup XII, where we duelled SWAT and Templars. Maxes: 32, 55. Read the result of our last battle here!
  • And finally, we finished the year with Christmas Chaos XII, battling SWAT, HF and Templars. Maxes: 39, 38, 50. Read the post on our final battle here!


The RPF Server has once again had many in server events over the year! From Winter Olympics to an Easter theme, and from the Summer Olympics to a Winter theme in December, there was a lot going on, so lets see what the year had in store!

Winter Olympics

The first major event of the year was the long awaited Winter Olympics, which had the surprising theme of Shrek this time. Running from January 9th to January 15th, the four teams of Orcus, Asinus, Crustulum and Dominus battled for victory through various minigames, with only one team to end up taking the crown!

Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Bunny came from the 17th to the 19th of April, and hid 7 eggs in the server to be found by Rebels! By finding all 7, Rebels earned a special role!

Anniversary Countdown

This year held the 15th anniversary of RPF, and to count down to this special celebration from 25 April to 8 May, HCOM gave us every day a fun fact about RPF’s history.

Anniversary Week

RPF’s 15th birthday was extensively celebrated over the week of May 1st to May 8th with a giveaway bingo card! Rebels could cross off spaces by going to special events, making art, designing new uniforms and igloo and much more!

Federation Frontier Week

In the last week of May, the Rebels set off on their own cowboy adventure. From May 23rd to May 29th, they traveled through the wild west, making decisions that either made their journey harder or easier. There were many cowboy themed events, and we capped it off with a 4-way branch battle with Ice Warriors!

Rebel Treble

Rebel Federation has more than just penguins, and it was only a matter of time before a collab between two divisions happened! From June 24th to June 26th, RPF and RF Jam Session came together to do events in both servers with singing, Guitar Flash, fashion shows and a special Gala!

Summer Olympics

“Ferb, I think I know what we’re gonna do today!” More specially, RPF did the Summer Olympics from August 15th to August 21st, with the theme being Phineas and Ferb. Many games soon followed with Team Inator coming out on top, though Team Busted will be remembered for the complete opposite…

Gravity Falls Month

Summer may have ended at this point, but that didn’t stop us from going on summer vacation… to Gravity Falls! In the month of October from the 3rd to 31st, we all took a quiz to see which character we were most like, and did many Gravity Falls themed events.

Rebel Horror Week

Ooohhhhhh spooky! With Halloween coming up, RPF was transformed into a horror server for the whole week of October 23rd until October 30th! We had giveaways, specials events and hidden emotes through-out the server, and we exited the realm of nightmares with a monstrous gala.

Autumn Arts Festival

It appears Autumn is the season of parties, as during the weekend of November 18th to November 20th we collaborated with RF Blank Canvas, RF’s art division, to have spectacular penguin and art events while keeping a checklist!

Home Alone: Lost in Tuxedo

Oh no, the Rebels were accidentally left home alone for the 21st to the 23th of December! And pesky HCOM are trying to break in! Fortunately, the Generals set up traps for HCOM to stumble into, allowing the other mods and troops to complete a checklist of their own!

Rebel Cash for Change

And finally, starting from the beginning of December going all the way to the end of the year, Rebels could donate their Rebel Cash for a good cause! Choosing from three charities, the Rebels poured their money together so that volunteers can donate real money to the cause that got the highest Rebel Cash donations!

HCOM Changes

This year, RPF has gotten through a bit of HCOM changes. Throughout this year many HCOM team members have retired and many joined, let’s jump right in and see what happened throughout this year with the HCOM team.


Starting off the year, on January 17, Alienn and Yo gal joined the HCOM team and were promoted to Third in Command.

On March 21, Jaeun and Yvng Baller got promoted to Second in Command.

On April 18th Cracked stepped down from his position as Third in Command.

Link3000 was promoted to Rebel Commander by Elexonck and F6sixer on the 8th of March

Link is promoted to the position of Rebel Commander 

On June 8th Alienn stepped down from her position as Third in Command.

EmeraldGreen got promoted to Third in Command and joined the HCOM team on June 27th

On June 29th, Cracked re-joined at the position of Third in Command.

On July 14th, Yodabobobo stepped down from his position as Second in Command.

On July 25th, Yas was promoted to Second in Command.

On August 8, F6sixer stepped down from his position as Rebel commander and was given RPF Advisor.

On September 5th EmeraldGreen stepped down for his position as Third in Command.

On September 23rd Yas stepped down from their position as Second in Command.

On September 26th Gabgeirl joined the HCOM team getting promoted to Third in Command. 

On October 1st, Yo gal stepped down from her position as Third in Command.

On November 5th, Yvng Baller stepped down from his position as Second in Command.

On November 7th, Cracked and Princhi were promoted to Second in Command.

On that same day Littyskitty was promoted to Third in Command joining the HCOM team.

On November 22st, Avrillaving stepped down from their position as Third in Command.

On December 19th, Lance was promoted to Third in Command, re-joining the HCOM team, and wrapping up the HCOM Promotions of this year.


To summarize who has been promoted:

Alienn, Yo gal, Jaeun, Yvng baller, Link3000, EmeraldGreen, Yas, Gabgeirl, Cracked, Princhi, Littyskitty, Lance.

To summarize who has retired:

Cracked, Alienn, F6sixer, Emerald Green, Yas, Yoda, Yo gal, Yvng baller, Avrillaving2. 

HOF Inductions:

There were a total of two HOF Icons inducted this year. These people were:

Rebel Commander Elexonck and Former Rebel Commander and Advisor F6sixer

There was a total of one HOF Hero inducted this year. This person was:

Rebel Commander Link3000

There were a total of 8 HOF Rebels inductions this year. These people being:

Yas, Yvng Baller, Yodabobobo, Jaeun, Princhi, Cracked, Z3ming and Avrillaving.

Other Announcements

Here are some miscellaneous changes that have happened in RPF over the past year!

A new channel was made on the 17th of February, as an FAQ or Beginners guide channel! Its purpose being to let new troops gain a better understanding of the server and what we do! On the same day a new role was created to alert people of new content from the RPF social media team!

Slash commands were added to the servers very own Rebel Bot, making it much easier for rebels to read and look at many commands they may need to use!

RPF Recruiting Battalions were formed on the 28th of March in order to influence recruiting in the server, as the goal of 13,000 members was closer than ever! Joining any of the Recruiting battalions (Discord Corps and Penguin Regiment) gave troops access to recruiting sessions hosted by staff, giving recruiting time to troops, which could boost their chances of promotion!

CPRewritten, the CPPS RPF used for all of their events, was shut down on the 13th of April, causing events to switch to a new CPPS made for armies called CPABattleground!

The Rebel Shenanigans role was created on the 4th of September for unscheduled events not on club penguin, and the topic command was brought back to Rebel Bot!

A new type of contest was created on the 20th of September which gave rebels the chance to create a contest to be featured as a real contest type!

And with that, we wrap up the 2022 RPF Year In Review! Thank you all for reading, we hope you enjoyed, so now lets make lots more amazing memories for 2023! Moonlemur, signing off!:coolsmile:


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